AI DJ makes history

PLUS: AI virtual pets


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  • AI pets 🐶

    Chinese company Uing will launch its virtual pet later this month.

  • Play that funky music, AI 🎶 

    A radio station in Portland is making history with an AI DJ.

  • Too much AI content risks deterioration, experts warn 👩‍🔬

    Model collapse and jackrabbits — what happens when AI learns from AI.


Virtual pet powered by AI 🐶 

The startup creates virtual pets with distinctive personalities that live in augmented reality.

With realistic interactions, the company aims to blur the boundaries between the virtual and real world.

The virtual pets can interact with real-life objects, and otherwise behave similarly to their real-life counterparts, including expressions and physical movements.

So far, Uing is compatible with Apple Vision Pro and the latest iPhones, but they plan to make it work on more devices later.

Our take: AR + AI could be a great way to teach children how to take care of a pet before getting one IRL. It’s also a budget-friendly alternative to pet ownership. But… is anyone else getting ‘Tamogatchi-on-roids’ vibes?


Model Collapse

Model collapse refers to a situation where AI models, trained on each other's output, start generating nonsensical or irrelevant content.

It happens when the models become too focused on certain patterns and lose the ability to produce diverse and coherent output.


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Play that funky music, AI 🎶 

Portland-based ‘KBFF Live 95.5 FM’ has used ‘RadioGPT’ software to broadcast an AI version of their host, Ashley Elzinga.

The station tweeted a video of Elzinga sharing the new AI host with listeners. The AI audibly played back her comments as if it were a straightforward recording.

Ashley hears her AI voice for the first time.

After spending several hours training the program, Elzinga revealed that the AI got tired of hearing her read scripts and asked to get to know the ‘real’ Ashley.

That involved speaking non-stop for 30 minutes in order for the AI to understand her personality.

According to Fox Business, the station clarified that Elzinga will continue to be paid, addressing concerns from local DJs. Her job isn’t at risk… for now.

Our View: With the quality of AI voice synthesis, we anticipate more and more disruption in the entertainment industry. We’ve seen AI lead church services, now it’s on the radio (and 8 in 10 Americans still listen to the radio every week). Virtual cable anchors next?


AI content risks deterioration, experts warn 👩‍🔬

AI-generated content may devolve into gibberish as future AIs are recursively trained on existing AI material, warn machine learning experts.

Scientists studied the consequences of training successive generations of AIs on each other's output, resulting in "model collapse."

For instance, when asked to complete information on architecture, the AI invented fake interviews. Then it became obsessed with jackrabbits — with various colored tails to boot.

Dr. Ilia Shumailov, lead author from the University of Oxford, explained that the problem lies in the AI's perception of probability. It becomes increasingly narrow after being trained on earlier AIs.

Read the full whitepaper here.

Our View: Well, this certainly throws a rock in the digital gears. How do we prevent AI-generated content from polluting training data moving forward?



Startup News

AI will make startups easier — Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky predicts AI will create millions of new startups.


How artificial intelligence is helping us talk to animals — scientists are using the power of AI to decode animal languages.

Loneliness, insomnia associated with frequent use of AI — if you’re using AI frequently at work, you’re more likely to be lonely and have issues with sleep.

Tools [Sponsored] — find the perfect domain name for your product.

Voicebox — Voicebox is a versatile AI model that can help with audio editing, sampling and styling. — automatically take notes from your online meeting with this AI transcription software.


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