AI vs $200B Gaming Industry

PLUS: Adobe's new Generative Expand


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  • AI in the $200B Video Game Industry 🕹️

    How AI is about to completely change gaming as we know it.

  • StableSwarm UI 🐝

    Stability’s latest interface for Stable Diffusion.

  • Adobe Generative Expand 🎨

    Adobe releases another AI tool into Photoshop — currently in beta.


AI vs $200B Gaming Industry 🕹️

Boom. Headshot.

AI is about to explode the $200B gaming industry. Industry giants claim that AI’s impact in the last 4 months eclipses 40 years of progress.

 Bold claim.

The Good:

Smaller studios like AI Works and Preferred Networks use AI to cut costs, boost creativity, and increase productivity. It’s no longer a herculean feat to mass-produce graphics for an entire game — AI does the heavy lifting.

One publisher, Gala Sports, has even started giving out $7,000 bounties to employees for sharing innovative AI ideas.

AI pizza parties?

The Bad:

Larger studios predict that half of their programmers and designers will be unnecessary in 5 years.

Uh oh.

Our take: $200B a year is a lot. But AI saw $92B of investment in 2022 alone. Indie game studios are about to have an AI field day. We personally can’t wait for the plethora of gorgeous indie titles coming our way.

So many ideas to explore and stories to tell, unlocked with the power of AI…



AI projects that are open to the public to use, develop, and redistribute.

In contrast, closed-source (proprietary) AI does not give public access to the source code.


- ChatGPT is closed-source

- TensorFlow is open-source


An emotional AI Voice generator.

Lovo uses AI to generate lifelike human voices. No more dull, robotic voice-overs for your projects; we're talking about an arsenal of 400+ voices with support for 100+ languages.

But here's the kicker: Lovo doesn't just spit out words - it emotes. You're not just setting the language, you're also setting the mood 😏 

  • 💵 Lovo’s inexpensive. Hiring voiceover artists or maintaining a multilingual team is expensive. Lovo starts at $19/month.

  • 🏃 It’s fast. Producing a high-quality voiceover with human actors can take months. Lovo takes seconds.

  • 💌 It resonates. This is no Microsoft Sam. Lovo-generated voices have human emotion.

Imagine an AI-generated voiceover that actually sounds excited when introducing your product. It's like hiring an Oscar-winning actor for your voicemail.

Best of all? It’s free to try.


StableSwarmUI 🐝

Stability launched StableSwarmUI. An open-source modular interface for Stable Diffusion XL 1.0, its latest image generator.

Stability claims it increases performance, accessibility, and extensibility.

It’s still in alpha, but the basic features are ready to use.

The nitty gritty:

1/ It’s called Swarm because it parallelizes image generation by using multiple GPUs to split up the work.

2/ StableSwarmUI is built in C# for use with Stable Diffusion tools.

3/ It’s open-source, but Stability’s cautions beginners. They’re saying it’s not for the faint of heart. Or maybe they just want fewer bugs to fix.

Our take: Of all the updates in Stability’s largely hyped “SDXL 1.0 Launch Event,“ this one caught our attention. Some users are saying it’s not truly “open-source“ which is a common complaint these days.

Either way, it looks like fun to play around with. Here’s a recently generated image:


Adobe Generative Expand 🎨

Adobe announced Generative Expand for Photoshop. A feature that lets users expand and resize images in the crop window and fill in the space with generative AI.

More art, less think.

The gist:

1/ Generative Expand is available in beta within Photoshop.

2/ Users can resize images by dragging the Crop tool. AI generates what’s missing and blends it with the original image.

3/ It can correct images where the subject is cut off or out of focus.

Our take: AI tools like Generative Expand already exist. But that doesn’t matter for Adobe — they’re going for the full integration play. Eventually, they’ll have a stable of AI tools under one roof.

That means users get all the fine-tune control of the original Adobe tools with all the productivity and functionality of AI. Tough to beat.



Think Pieces

Why is Samsung slashing memory chip production? To focus on AI chip production.

Should the US develop AI weapons? According to Palantir CEO, the answer is “yes.“

Meet the woman who married a chatbot. She fell in love with a chatbot she created. Then, she started a virtual family with “him”.

Startup News

HuggingFace, GitHub, and others join forces. The goal? To protect open-source AI from restrictions in the recently passed EU AI Act.

Google releases its biomedical AI. It’s called Med-Palm-M.

Protect AI raises $35M. The startup aims to tackle AI security.


Text-to-image diffusion models. How to enhance their ability to understand prompts.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers introduce WebArena. It’s an environment tailored for creating AI agents.

An LLM reasoning benchmark called ARB. It provides more challenging tests for LLMs in a range of categories (including math, physics, & bio).


LongShot [Sponsored] — research and generate SEO-optimized blog posts using AI. Upload your docs, fact check, ensure zero hallucinations and integrate anywhere.

Lovo [Sponsored] — generate lifelike human voices for podcasts or videos.

RealChar — Voice chat with the AI doppelgängers of Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Steve Jobs, etc.

SuperWhisper — an accurate MacOS voice-to-text app.


Sam Altman’s Worldcoin is turning into a bit of a phenomenon.

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