Allen Institute unveils Dolma

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Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Ex-Googlers launch Sakana AI 🤖 🎏

    Two OG’s join forces to create a more “natural” AI.

  • The largest open dataset for training LLMs 🌎 🧠

    The Allen Institute’s Dolma, unveiled.

  • Meta plans to release Code LlaMA 🦙 🖥️

    Looking like a Copilot counterpart from Meta.


Fish in the machine 🤖 🎏

Sakana AI has launched in Tokyo. It’s an AI startup formed by Ex-Google AI experts Llion Jones and David Ha.

“Sakana“ comes from the Japanese word for “fish.”

Sushi, anyone?

Fresh catch:

1/ Llion is one of the authors behind the groundbreaking 2017 transformer paper, “Attention Is All You Need”. Yes, that Transformer, as in “Generative Pre-training Transformer.” 😉 He recently departed from Google.

2/ David is the former head of research at Stability AI (at this rate, Stability might make more money selling tea, jeez) and a former Google Brain researcher.

3/ The two started Sakana to create generative AI models for text, images, code, and multimedia.

4/ Based out of Tokyo, the team says the name is inspired from the way groups of fish behave as one to create collective intelligences.

5/ They claim current AI is too rigid. Their aim: incorporate natural elements (evolution, adaptivity, and responsiveness) into AI.

Our take: what’s more beautiful than two AI daddies coming together to raise another AI baby? Ok, the “child custody” behind AI is a little complicated with research teams, but you get the picture. Let’s see how Jones and Ha fare against the heavy hitters, we’re rooting for ‘em.



A structured collection of data used to train, validate, and test machine learning models, especially large language models (LLMs). They typically consist of text, images, or other discrete data (think lists or nested arrays) — and the larger and more variability within, the better.


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Allen Institute releases Dolma 🌎 📜 

The Allen Institute unveiled Dolma late last week. It’s a new open-source dataset for training LLMs.

Not the food.

It’s now the largest openly available dataset.

Dolma includes data from the internet, English books, scientific manuscripts, Wikipedia, and GitHub code repositories.

The stuffing:

1/ It contains 3 trillion tokens, which makes it the largest openly available dataset.

2/ It’s part of the OLMo project, which aims to build an open and transparent LLM.

3/ The Allen Institute claims Dolma’s principles are openness, representativeness, size, reproducibility, and risk mitigation.

4/ Its users must provide contact info, intent for use, and agree to its terms.

Our take: With so many privately controlled datasets, Dolma is really exciting news. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but it seems like the Allen Institute is paying extra attention to the data quality.

Moar open-source LLMs!


Leaked: Meta’s new coding AI 🦙 🖥️

Meta’s planning on launching Code LlaMA. It’s a new model based on LlaMA-2.

<spits> codes </spits>

It could be released as early as this week.

Meta claims it’ll be open-source. Similar to GitHub’s Copilot, Code LlaMA will suggest code to developers in real time as they type.

Our take: Meta tends to bend the rules on what “open-source“ means. Will Code LlaMA be truly open-source? And how will it compete with the current coding-capable LLMs?



Think Pieces

AI lists “Ottawa Food Bank“ as a tourist hot spot. Microsoft’s AI put it in the top 3 hottest destinations list. Uhm, that must be some good soup. 🤤 🍜

Does every company need a chief AI officer? Probably not. But does every Fortune 500 company need one? Probably yes.

Startup News

Arthur unveils open-source AI tool for businesses to find LLMs. The tool helps users find and effectively use AI models for specific needs.

Perplexity AI rebrands. Its new strategy is to be the whole world’s research assistant.

Elemental Cognition raises $50 million. Ex-IBM Watson team secures the bag.


Paper for TeCH. A text-to-animation method that’s gained traction in the AI community. Also featured in our Tweet of the Day, below.

How GPT-4 Code Interpreter fares with math. How it synthesizes Python code to enhance reasoning and problem-solving.

Google and University of Michigan’s paper on personalization. Personalizing LLMs to fit users’ specific needs, inspired by multistaged writing education.


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