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PLUS: Leaked Google Assistant update


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Sprite’s new AI art generator, Fizz 🔥

    Sprite, partnering with Complex and OseanWorld, released their mixtape art generator.

  • AWS expands Bedrock with Agents 🦾

    Agents will help businesses apply LLMs to their very own data.

  • Google Assistant’s new AI update 🤖 

    Leaked internal emails reveal an overhaul in the works.


Sprite’s mixtape art generator 🔥

Sprite partnered with Complex and OseanWorld to create Fizz  an AI-powered art generator for mixtape covers.

Fizz is Sprite’s marketing campaign, celebrating “50 years of Hip Hop.“

Fo’ shizz.

The 411:

1/ Fizz is a chatbot that asks simple questions and automatically generates artwork.

2/ It asks users 8 questions about Hip Hop. (Preferred era, style, genre, feel, etc.)

3/ It’s free to use.

Our take: This isn’t the first time Coca-Cola (Sprite’s parent company) has used AI to create commercials, enhance customer experience, create unique vending machines, and more. We’ll see a lot more brands follow in their footsteps, but it’s going to take effort to make sure that these AI experiences don’t become derivative and overdone.

Here’s Bot Eat Brain’s cover for our new mixtape: “AI Mac Daddy:“

Result? Meh.



An agent is an autonomous (or sometimes semi-autonomous) entity that can take in information about its environment, logically reason through the information, then make decisions and act up on them in that environment to accomplish a given task.

AutoGPT and Baby AGI are two projects which have created frameworks for turning GPT-4 (or other models) into an autonomous agent.


Into advertising? Don’t skip on

A suite of AI-powered tools for crafting perfect ads, messages, and audience targets that get conversions.

Here’s a brief look at the Ad Package.

Just provide your product or service link, and from there, AdCreative works its magic. It does everything — creating visuals, text, and the best target audience.

What else? In 2023, G2 picked as one of the three fastest-growing products worldwide.

The cherry on top: the folks at AdCreative have a deal for Bot Eat Brain readers. They're offering half-off for any plan with the coupon code BotEatBrain50. 

To use it, head over to the "Billing" tab on the "Settings" page and punch it in.

The deal comes with a 7-day free trial plus 10 free credits to play around before you decide to pay.


Amazon AI agents tailored for business 🦾

Agents will allow businesses to automate multistep tasks, such as booking flights or reservations.

“Send wifey flowers every anniversary.”

The chatbots users create can perform tasks and deliver accurate and personalized outputs based on their own proprietary data.

The Agents feature is an expansion of Bedrock, Amazon’s cloud service.

Agents can use models like Amazon’s Titan, Anthropic, Stability AI, Cohere, etc.

Some examples of tasks suited for agents:

1/ Customer service

2/ Order processing

3/ Refunding purchases

4/ Sending emails and other notifications

5/ Order customization based on customer profiles, company policies, etc.

“With just a few clicks, agents for Amazon Bedrock automatically break down tasks and create an orchestration plan — without any manual coding. The agent securely connects to company data through a simple API, automatically converting data into a machine-readable format, and augmenting the request with relevant information to generate the most accurate response.“

- Amazon

Our take: Reminds us of OpenAI’s plugins for ChatGPT, along with some AutoGPT functionality. This takes those ideas in a new direction by allowing business customers to fold their own data into the mix.

Are we making bring-your-own-data a thing? BYOD. It’s happening.


Google Assistant’s AI rework 🤖

Monday’s leaked emails revealed an overhaul of Google Assistant’s AI. It looks like they’ve kicked off the mobile version’s redesign and plan to “restructure the team” — yup, job cuts.

“Sigh… OK Google, write my resume.”

Google Assistant was first launched 7 years ago now. Feel old yet?

The essentials:

1/ The revamp is decidedly mobile-first.

2/ It’ll utilize the latest LLM tech from GPT-4, Bard, etc.

The team’s restructure includes a merge of the Services and Surfaces Teams, separate operation of the Mobile Team, new management of the NLP Team, and some layoffs.

“As part of this update, we are also eliminating a small number of roles within the team. We have already let these teammates know and we will provide dedicated support to help them through this transition.”

- Peeyush Ranjan and Duke Dukellis

Our take: Google is probably betting on mobile based on lessons from ChatGPT: the more seamless the interface between human and AI, the more useful the AI is. The first step was chat, next up is making that native on the devices we’re chained to 24/7.



Think Pieces

AI can predict when employees will quit, months in advance. It can also predict if an employee will stay if different factors change (salary, work environment, job role, etc.)

Apple’s Chinese app store removes multiple generative AI apps. China’s new regulations are set to go into effect on August 5th.

Startup News

Meta’s making plans to launch AI-powered personas. We could see them as early as next month.

Kickstarter announced new AI requirements. New AI projects must enclose sources of training data.


A new method called LLM-Rec. It uses various prompt engineering strategies to more efficiently make personalized recommendations.

Upop GitHub repo. A new pruning framework specifically for vision-language transformers.

“The Hydra effect.” When wear in one layer of an LLM causes another layer to compensate. LLMs are displaying self-healing properties…?

Tools [Sponsored] — automatically generate professional ads with a click. G2’s 2023 pick for one of the three fastest-growing products worldwide.

Axilla — an AI shortcut for developers.

Moviewiser — AI-powered recommender of movies and TV series.

Smart With Points — ChatGPT for travel, airline miles, points, etc.


South Korean researchers claimed they found a material that is the world’s first room-temperature superconductor. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, shared his own humorous commentary:

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