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Plus: YouTube's AI summaries


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Fujitsu’s revolutionary shopping concept 🛒 

    AI and new camera tech make for a cutting-edge shopping experience.

  • AMD counter-punches NVIDIA 👨🏻‍💻

    AMD’s new AI chip will be available at the end of the year and is likely to rival NVIDIA’s H100.

  • YouTube tests AI video summaries ▶️

    AI-generated to save your precious video-watching time.


Fujitsu set to trial AI-powered shopping concept 🛒 

Well, golly gosh gee willikers.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • The Actlyzer tech analyzes customer gestures using cameras.

  • It watches out for behaviors such as holding a product or bending down to get a closer look.

  • Using consumer behavior data, Fujitsu’s developers trained a model to predict when to show customer service and promotions.

And the whole showing part? Small screens built right into store shelves. Think of the mirror from Snow White, only this time it’s advising you on the best cereal to buy.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which cereal is the best of all?

Our Take: We’ve seen Amazon use similar tech in their own brand of supermarkets, but Fujitsu’s approach could add a touch more warmth and personalization to the whole experience.

But it begs the question; would we ever view this as a necessary part of shopping? Or just a mere ‘nice touch’? Or worse: invasive?


Only a little slower than you can say, “AI”.

Everyone talks. AE Studio however… they’re not so great at the “blah blah blah” part.

It’s probably because they’re too busy sending it.

Your brain while working with AE (allegedly).

Whether it’s spinning up an MVP, or Enterprise Digital Transformation, or applying AI & ML to your business — AE’s blend of expertise and bleeding-edge pedigree means you’ll be working with the finest.

To be more specific, pedigree like cutting your teeth in the AI crucibles of Stanford, MIT, Harvard, and Caltech.

And expertise, like producing ROI for Berkshire Hathaway, Point, EVgo, Protocol Labs, and Biocentury.

Well, lucky you. Getting into the fast lane is simple.


AMD's chip ready to challenge NVIDIA 👨🏻‍💻

We’re due for a good, old-fashioned scrap in the GPU thunder dome: AMD’s MI300 vs NVIDIA’s H100.

According to Su, the customers are flocking like seagulls to a French fry stand.

Investors expect that AMD’s new chip will rival or surpass NVIDIA’s H100.

Pre-sales are likely healthy thanks to high-level moves on AMD’s part. They’ve laid the groundwork by partnering with "top-tier cloud providers, large enterprises and numerous leading AI companies" during the third quarter.

Then, of course, there is the underserved Chinese market:

"Our plan is to, of course, be fully compliant with U.S. export controls. But we do believe there's an opportunity to develop product(s) for our customer set in China that is looking for AI solutions, and we'll continue to work in that direction."

Lisa Su

GPU printer go brrr.

Our Take: It’s a perfect opportunity for AMD to swing the bat all the way around. We were starting to wonder when they’d react, but it looks like they may actually be able to fill the massive gap in the GPU supply.


YouTube tests AI video summaries ▶️

Written summaries will be available for English language videos — giving you the TL;DR version before you commit to a full watch.

If brought to fruition, the new feature could shake things up for marketers and creators. Depending on the summary algorithm, video creators might change how they structure their videos for broader appeal.

Our take: Some creators are worried: what if the AI makes mistakes in the summaries? But for many YouTube watchers, the AI summary could save hours of non-refundable time and help bring intention behind the content we all consume.

Wait, is AI potentially helping us regulate our information diet? Didn’t have that on our bingo cards.



Think Pieces

AI best friends — new fears over AI-enabled narcissism.

Advanced AI voice scam — grandparent claims AI voice sounded 'almost identical’ to her grandson.

AI improves teaching jobs — a debate on whether that’s true, or not.

Startup News

Blackbaud invests in their own award-winning startup — Blackbaud invests in Momentum, a graduate of their own program.

From student to startup founder with GPTZero — Edward Tian’s journey of creating the popular AI checker.

AI startup tops Hugging Face scoreboard — Upstage’s model has outperformed GPT-3.


$98.5M awarded for AI research — Rome’s Assured Information Security (AIS) has been given the green light to conduct research into AI-based techniques.

Scientists hopeful with new AI bee research — how AI can help endangered bees.


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