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  • Apple announced its M4 chip, iPad lineup, and more

Apple announced its M4 chip, iPad lineup, and more

PLUS: Meta takes your money and data

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Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Apple iPads, hardware, AI, oh my! 🍎 🔥

    It introduced its new M4 chip, iPad lineup, Apple Pencil, and more

  • Meta’s new tools for advertisers. 💵 👨‍💼

    It’s rolling out new product image generation/editing tools.

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Apple’s new AI devices 🧊 🏜️

Yesterday, Apple announced its upcoming AI hardware at its iPad Event. It introduced its new M4 chip, iPad lineup, and more.

M4 Chip?

Don’t get… chip dysplasia over it. 💽

Apple claims the M4 chip is 50% faster than the M2 chips, which powered the last iPad Pros. It features dynamic caching, hardware-accelerated mesh shading, and ray tracing.

Anything else new with the iPad Pros?

Careful, it might… pro your mind. 🤯

Besides featuring the M4 chip, it’s the thinnest iPad ever. It features a new two-panel OLED display, nanotextured glass for less glare, and starts at $999.

Nice. What about the iPad Airs?

Air Grylls... 🐻

The iPad Airs now come in 11-inch and 13-inch displays. They contain the M2 chip, and the front-facing camera is on the landscape edge due to popular demand.

The puns are getting out of hand. Anything else?

Yes, the Apple Pencil and the Magic Keyboard.

The Apple Pencil costs $129. It has a squeeze, barrel roll, and haptic feedback capabilities.

The Magic Keyboard comes in two sizes: $299 and $349. It features an aluminum palm rest, a larger trackpad with haptic feedback, a function row, and more.

ChatGPT AI for your email inbox

Auto Gmail is not another “click to generate draft” Chrome extension.

We connect directly to your email account via the Gmail API, which means Auto Gmail works on your phone as well.

Every email you receive is analyzed, and the AI uses context from your past sent emails to draft a response (writing like you and with your knowledge).

You can then review the draft on your phone, desktop, and more before sending it.

Currently, 75% of the emails Auto Gmail drafts are sent without editing, saving our customers hours and hours.

It's like Superhuman, but without the shortcuts, the email is simply already in your inbox, ready to be sent.


Meta wants cash… Er… to help you 💵 👨‍💼

Yesterday, Meta announced more AI tools for advertisers. They allow you to create entire product photos from text prompts.

10 cents used to be worth more… Dimes have changed… 🪙 🤑

What do the tools do?

It enables you to modify images, change your product’s appearance, and more. Previously, you could only change the product’s background.

Isn’t that misleading your customers?

Meta claims it put guardrails in place to prevent inappropriate and low-quality ads. It filters its AI systems before and after it generates your ad.

I see. Any other features?

Yes, it also launched image expansion, ad customization and text generation features.

  • Image Expansion: Allows you to expand images, adjust aspect ratios, and more.

  • Improved Ad Customization: Allows you to input text prompts to edit images to match your specific campaign’s needs.

  • Text Generation Enhancement: Generates alternative versions of ad headlines and text that match your brand’s tone of voice.

When can I use it?

Meta is rolling out this out now, and it will be available in the coming months.

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Think Pieces 🧠

Researchers decode the language of sperm whales with AI. The whales use a complex combinatorial communication system similar to human language.

Will you be able to opt out of AI training? OpenAI announced Media Manager, a tool that lets creators control their content's use in AI training.

Siri is about to get much better. A look at Apple’s research and what it means for the future of its devices, AI strategy, and more.

Startup News 💰

ElevenLabs CEO urges watermarks in synthetic audio. The aim is to combat the misuse of AI-generated audio deepfakes.

OpenAI introduces six new security measures. The goal is to protect advanced AI models from cyberattacks and theft.

Microsoft invest billions in South Asia. The goal is to strategically drive Azure cloud growth and AI adoption.

Research 👨‍🔬

Pair Customization — learns stylistic differences from a single image pair to customize text-to-image models while preserving content structure.

Octopus v4 — integrates multiple open-source language models using functional tokens and a graph structure to optimize performance for specific tasks.

Lora Land — Researchers fine-tuned 310 LLMs using LoRA, demonstrating their real-world viability across various base models and tasks.



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