Autonomous Fighter Jet

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Boy, do we have a mitzvah for you today. Today we’re covering AI-powered fighter jets, a robo-rabbi, and research papers that talk back.

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  • Autonomous fighter jet defeats human pilots πŸ›©

  • An AI-based Rabbi launches on the internet ✑️

  • Your research paper can talk πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

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Autonomous Fighter Jet Successfully Completes 12 Test Flights ✈️

AI battles human-piloted fighter jet in simulated dogfight.

Two years ago DARPA released footage from their AlphaDogfight Trials Event which pitted an AI fighter-jet pilot against a human in a highly realistic simulated dogfight. The AI beat the human pilot 16 kills to 4.

Recently, U.S. Defense Department announced it has completed a dozen test flights with a real fighter jet over the California desert piloted by AI.

Their goal is a fully autonomous A.I. fighter jet that can navigate, fly, collect intelligence, and blast the enemy out of the sky.

Why it matters: This might be the end of the human fighter pilot as we know it. In the very near future, fleets will be dominated by AI-controlled drones.

Next-generation jets will be lighter, faster, cheaper to build, and capable of extreme maneuvers that would kill a human pilot. No cock-pit required.

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There's a New Rabbi in Town πŸ•

ChatGPT is a general-purpose large language model. It's got approximate knowledge of many things but isn't really an expert on anything.

Imagine how useful ChatGPT could be if it was an expert on just one topic.

Here are three examples we’ve found in the wild already.

#1 BioGPT is a large language model trained on biomedical research literature released by Microsoft Research.

It can answer questions on biomedicine better than humans and the code is freely available here.

#2 ResearchGPT, another example from academia, lets you talk to your research papers.

#3 is a chatbot trained on the Torah that can scan through thousands of religious texts faster than you can say "Baruch Hashem!" to answer questions you might normally ask a Rabbi.

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