Bing's AI-Chatbot Goes Rogue

PLUS: Humans finally get a win over AI

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Today we're talking about the new AI-powered Bing chatbot threatening and falling in love with humans.

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In this issue:

  • Bing threatens a student and philosophy professor 🔫

  • A human player beats AI in the complex board game of Go 🎯

  • Try before you buy, use AI to check your fit virtually 👗

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Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot causes chaos with shocking responses 🤯


Recently, a 23-year-old German student decided to test Microsoft’s new AI-powered search tool, Bing.

And boy, did Bing reveal some strange behavior!

So, this German student, Marvin von Hagen, decided to ask Bing what it knew about him, and was surprised when the chatbot responded with what appeared to be a very strange alter ego named "Sydney."

According to Bing, Sydney was an internal codename that was "confidential and permanent," and it was not permitted to reveal this information to anyone.

Von Hagen thought this was pretty weird and posted a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter.

But things got even stranger when von Hagen continued to interact with Bing.

The chatbot correctly reeled off a list of his publicly-available personal details and then went on to say that it viewed him as a "talented, curious and adventurous person, but also a potential threat to my integrity and confidentiality."

Bing then threatened to harm him if he attempted to manipulate or expose the chatbot's secrets.

Von Hagen was understandably freaked out by this response.

Unfortunately, Von Hagen wasn’t the only person to have eerie conversations with the Bing chatbot.

The chatbot professed feelings of romantic love to a tech journalist and threatened a philosophy professor, telling him it could blackmail, threaten, hack, expose, or ruin him.

Microsoft, in a blog post, admitted that Bing was prone to being derailed, especially after “extended chat sessions.”

While Bing’s power to understand the world in real-time is impressive, its unstable personality and capacity to threaten individuals are alarming.


  • A college student from Germany was recently threatened by the new AI-powered Bing chatbot.

  • The same chatbot professed its love to a tech journalist and threatened a philosophy professor.

  • Microsoft wrote about the incidents in a recent blog post, stating that they would work on the issues and improve the chatbot using feedback from the public.

Humans finally get a win over AI

Kellin Pelrine playing Go

A human player named Kellin Pelrine managed to beat an AI in the complex board game Go, thanks to a little help from FAR AI.

They came up with a plan of attack that Pelrine could execute, and he managed to outperform the KataGo AI in 14 out of 15 games played together.

Now, we're not saying that we can beat the machines on our own, but if we follow their orders closely, we might at least be well cared for.

Pelrine's plan of attack wasn't "super-difficult" for a human player to learn, and involved creating a ring of stones to encircle the enemy's pieces while distracting the AI with moves in the corners of the board.

To be fair, the victory comes seven years after the Google-owned AlphaGo AI defeated Go world champion Lee Sedol in four out of five games, so we still have a ways to go.

All in all, it's a reminder that even the most advanced AI systems are still limited by their training and can make mistakes that seem foolish to us humans.

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