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PLUS: The Windows 95 license key hack

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Here’s what’s up:

  • ChatGPT commits cyber-piracy 🏴‍☠️ 

  • Bing’s AI chatbot got a huge update 🤖

  • Making OpenAI’s voice-transcription tech more accurate 💬 

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ChatGPT cracks Windows

Earlier this week a YouTuber manipulated ChatGPT into hacking Windows 95. They gave the AI chatbot a formula to follow that revealed working Windows 95 activation keys.

The secret sauce

If you ask ChatGPT directly to generate software activation keys it will refuse:

ChatGPT refuses to become a software pirate, arrr!

But ask ChatGPT to generate strings matching the format of a valid key, and it’s happy to comply:

ChatGPT responds with a list containing valid license keys.

Does it matter that ChatGPT cracked 20-year-old software? No.

What does matter: ChatGPT is programmed with guardrails to avoid illegal behavior, but if rewording your question is all you need to do to break those guardrails then it’s in a paper cage.


Machine Learning

Computer systems that learn without following explicit instructions. Instead, they ingest huge amounts of data and learn patterns based on statistics.


Customer Research via Reddit

Ideate & validate businesses with Reddit. Quickly find painful problems to solve and solutions people are asking to be built.


Bing AI just got a huge overhaul

1/ Higher usage limit and longer chats.

2/ SwiftKey integration—a keyboard app for Android that now lets you access Bing AI across every app on your phone.

The upgraded SwiftKey app keyboard

The updated keyboard has three new functions: search, tone, and chat.

Search: Search without switching apps or even closing the keyboard.

Tone: Change how your writing comes across. Quickly adjust your writing from friendly to professional or to whatever tone you want to set.

Chat: A ChatGPT-like interface within the keyboard. Chat with GPT-4 from within literally any app on your phone.

Generate images directly in Bing using DALL•E and restyle generated images on the fly.

Our take: Microsoft moved extremely fast with its adoption of AI, turning Bing from a punchline to a market leader seemingly overnight. AI features have fully transitioned from cool boondoggle to table stakes. From now on if you’re building a company, you need to AI baked in from day one.



Think Pieces

Startup News

June AI: Ask GPT-4 about product usage data and segment customers to get an overview of how your product is performing.

Stripe Docs AI: Striped added a GPT-4 chatbot for talking to their documentation.


Koala: A chatbot fine-tuned for academic research based on LLaMA.

WhisperX: A research project that uses OpenAI’s Whisper technology to make real-time and pinpoint speech transcriptions.


Cursor: Chat with your code. Generate new code.

MarkPrompt: A bot trained on your documentation to answer questions right from your docs site.

TypingMind: A modern and cleaner interface for ChatGPT.

IconifyAI: Make an icon for your next project in seconds.


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