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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Stability CEO’s AI warning 😱

    Emad Mostaque’s calls it the mother of all bubbles.

  • Microsoft announced Bing Chat Enterprise ✏️

    No data scraping, a new Visual Search feature, and more.

  • Israel’s AI-powered air strikes against Iran 💣

    Other use cases include strategy and mission planning.


Stability CEO’s AI warning 👀

Dun dun dun.

Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability, says AI will be the “biggest bubble of all time.“ He claims AI needs a $1 trillion investment and the AI crash is coming.

Pop and drop.

Mostaque discussed the industry during a call with UBS analysts. Here’s what he said.

Key points:

1/ AI will be the biggest bubble of all time.

2/ It’ll absorb $1 trillion of investment capital.

3/ The market will “punish“ companies that don’t utilize AI.

4/ It’s “more important than 5G as the infrastructure for knowledge.“

”I think that there aren’t many investable opportunities here, and you’ll see people moving from the best chip manufacturers to companies that are using this to impact their bottom line and their top line appropriately. And you will see the market punishing those that don’t use this,”

- Emad Mostaque

Our take: We have a Bot Eat Brain office pool going on Mostaque’s next potential controversy. He’s been accused of everything from exaggerating his success to ripping off multiple former co-founders. He’s the AI poster boy for “no such thing as bad publicity.” It’s difficult to refute his claims here — though pinpointing any precise number is close to impossible.


Data scraping

Data scraping refers to extracting data from the web with software. It’s used commonly for sentiment analysis, business intelligence, and automation.

Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI are facing an onslaught of lawsuits for data scraping to train their AI models.


This AI-powered tool makes how-to videos for any product, feature, or workflow.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Hit the start button and Guidde instantly starts recording your screen.

  2. Click done and Guidde automatically generates a step-by-step description of your workflow including high-quality visuals.

  3. Share in one click.

Create video how-to guides in minutes.

That’s Guidde. It can help you explain any complex workflow quickly and clearly using AI-generated video documentation.

I’d say it’s as easy as pie, but a pie takes an hour to bake…

Why should you care?

📜 Save time: Easily produce high-quality documentation with what feels like minimum effort.

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✏️ Grow faster: Scale your support operations without sacrificing quality.


Microsoft unveils Bing Chat Enterprise 👨‍💼

Microsoft announced Bing Chat Enterprise. It’s essentially Bing Chat with business-focused data privacy controls.

Woah, employees at AI companies can use AI again?

It’ll include Visual Search, a new feature that analyzes and answers questions about pictures.

This is Microsoft’s response to data scraping concerns.

What’s shakin’ bacon:

1/ Bing Chat Enterprise won’t save user data, Microsoft won’t be able to view it, and it won’t be used to train any AI models.

Hear that Elon? No data scraping.

2/ It’ll be free for certain Microsoft 365 subscribers, with a standalone service planned at $5 per month.

3/ It will answer queries using text, graphs, charts, and images.

4/ The service can be accessed on Bing Chat, Edge, and soon, on Windows Copilot.

Enterprise me, cap’n.

Our take: Enterprise comes months after the launch of GitHub’s Copilot for Business and OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus. So, Microsoft’s a little late. But with all the data scraping controversy, they could play this late release to their advantage


Israel’s military AI 💣

Bit of a bomb drop — literally.

The Israel Defense Forces have leveraged AI in their military operations as far back as 2021. They used AI-guided air strikes and AI-powered military planning against Iran.

Israel’s military uses AI for:

1/ Border Control vision systems to identify people and objects.

2/ Airstrikes, piloting drones, and firing missiles.

4/ “Fire Factory,” an AI tool that calculates ammo usage, gives assignments to drones/aircraft, and creates battle plans.

Our take: AI has been used for military purposes for a while now, but it’s interesting to see Israel talk about it so openly. As more AI makes its way into more armed conflicts, we expect a lot more instances of “unintended” casualties blamed on AI.



Think Pieces

The untapped potential of Biology LLM’s for bio. What to expect in the future and why it’s so exciting.

Creating a “safe“ AI. Anthropic wants to create an AI that can lie — on purpose.

Jasper AI cuts staff. The actual number is not disclosed, CEO Dave Rogenmoser elaborates.

Startup News

Expedia announces Trip Planner. A new AI-powered travel agent.

Kahoot acquired for a whopping $1.7 billion. Goldman Sachs, General Atlantic, and others bought Kahoot. Kahoot creates educational software for businesses, schools, etc.

Snorkel AI and Together AI partner up. The goal? Allow users to create their own LLMs using a broad dataset in a secure environment.


Combining machine code and natural language together to create “Literate Programming.” A brief read of Jupyter Notebook’s limitations and how to overcome them.

Simple and comprehensive guide to Code Interpreter. How to interact with it, what to avoid when using it, and the best practices to get the most out of it.

ICL (In-Context Learning). A method to get LLMs to perform various tasks without updating any parameters.


Guidde [Sponsored] — AI tool that makes how-to videos for any product, feature, or workflow.

Sweetspot — join the waitlist for an AI that bids on government contracts.

Cerelyze — interact with research papers in a chat interface and automatically translate them into Python code.

Extend — data extraction and automation tools for unstructured data.


xAI’s gets philosophical on Twitter:

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