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  • ChatGPT on every website 🛟

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  • What is Natural Language Processing? 💬

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ChatGPT in Customer Service 🛟

Intercom just introduced Fin, their new chatbot powered by ChatGPT. It uses support team docs to create chatbots that can quickly answer customer questions and reduce the need for human customer support agents.

According to Intercom, Fin will be "the most advanced AI fine-tuned for support" available.

Odds are you’re going to find yourself talking to Fin sooner or later as Intercom is already installed on thousands of websites. Unlike the previous generation of chatbots, this one might actually be able to answer your questions.

What this means: Better support with fewer employees means less cost for businesses and hopefully less of your own time wasted.


Natural Language Processing

NLP, a subset of AI, empowers computers to comprehend human language and execute actions accordingly.


Customer Research via Reddit

Your customers are on Reddit, they just don’t know you exist yet. Find them in minutes with GummySearch.


Meta brings drawings to life

A remarkable project has been created by Meta that breathes life into doodles through animation. The code, along with a dataset of almost 180,000 annotated drawings, is now open-sourced for everyone to use.

The new model can detect four things in a doodle:

1/ human figure detection - does it contain a person?

2/ segmentation - which parts of the doodle are arms, legs, and head?

3/ pose estimation - what direction are those arms and legs pointing in?

4/ animation - make ‘em dance!

Basically, it can animate the candy corn man your 6-year-old drew.

With the provided animation code and dataset, in theory, anyone can create their own doodle animation system.

Why does this matter?

Imagine this: by combining this new tool with other AI models like stable diffusion, you could turn simple doodles into professional drawings. Now you’re not just animating your kid’s fridge art, but an entire TV show.



Think Pieces

Startup News


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Interactive Fleet Learning with AI: robots and humans will work together to deliver your groceries and assemble your car.


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MagicBrief: use AI to write your social media ads.

Shuffle: a chat interface to build your website.


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