ChatGPT web browsing's glorious return

PLUS: New AI app for blind users


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • ChatGPT web browsing is back 🌎 🔍

    OpenAI re-enabled ChatGPT’s “Chat With Bing” functionality.

  • Windows 11’s new AI updates 🪟 🔥

    Microsoft released AI updates for Windows 11, Copilot, and more.

  • New AI app for blind users 👀 🕶️

    Be My AI leverages GPT-4V’s multimodal tech to assist the blind.


ChatGPT’s web browsing is back 🌎 🔍


This means ChatGPT will search the internet to provide you with more current info.

The search:

1/ OpenAI added the “Browse With Bing” functionality to ChatGPT in May.

2/ It was disabled on July 3rd and has been down since.

3/ Without the feature, searches were limited to data before September 2021.

4/ It’s currently available for Plus and Enterprise users.

We checked:

Our take: It’s a big week for ChatGPT. GPT-4V came out on Monday and powered the chatbot with multimodal functionalities.


Microsoft Copilot

An AI assistant in Windows 11 that offers personalized suggestions and actions based on user behavior. It aims to streamline tasks by predicting user needs and automating routine processes. It is powered by Bing Chat and uses ChatGPT plugins.


Horse - the internet browser where things get done.

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Sure, you can dust your tabs away into a dark, forgotten folder and pretend you’ll visit soon. But you know the truth. Folders are a fancy tab graveyard.

Tabs are the problem.

Trails are the solution.

Horse organizes your internet sessions with Trails - simple hierarchical trees that capture the natural flow of each journey.

You can fold, unfold, organize, and rename each Trail - and it couldn’t be easier to find that article about obscure ChatGPT prompts that you read three months ago.

Just ask our countless happy users:

  • “Horse is how a browser should have always worked.”

  • “Horse helps me to navigate the labyrinth that is the Apple developer documentation.”

  • “Horse has quickly become my go-to browser for focused work.”

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Windows 11’s new AI updates 🪟 🔥

Microsoft introduced new updates for Windows 11. This comes with updates for Microsoft 365, Bing, Surface, Microsoft Copilot, and more.

“More is always better.”

Updates, updates everywhere:

1/ Microsoft Copilot: Its AI assistant launched in Windows 11.

2/ Microsoft Paint: It features a new text-to-image generation tool called Cocreator.

3/ Clipchamp: It’s a new video editing tool with AI features like Auto Compose to streamline editing and storytelling.

3/ Snipping Tool: It now includes audio and mic support, along with new text actions like text extraction and redaction.

4/ Photos App: It has new AI-powered enhancements like background blur and advanced search functionalities for photo management and editing.

5/ Narrator: Its AI-powered voice access capabilities expanded to include several more languages.

6/ Windows 365: It features AI-powered recommendations in File Explorer and Start that optimize your experience as it learns your habits.

Our take: Microsoft Copilot is powered by ChatGPT, but it’s trying to develop its own LLMs that outperform ChatGPT using less computing power.

An interesting partnership. Cue the popcorn.


AI-powered blind assistance 👀 🕶️

Be My Eyes launched Be My AI. It’s a visual recognition tool for blind and low-vision users.

Oh, I see.

Development took 7 months, with input from over 19,000 blind beta testers.

Eyes, eyes baby:

1/ Be My AI uses OpenAI’s multimodal tech to describe photos and videos to you.

2/ During testing, it was used to read packaging, instructions, appliance controls, and descriptions of surroundings and artwork.

3/ It works with 29 different languages and braille displays for deaf-blind users.

4/ It’s an IOS app, with an Android app coming soon.

Our take: We’re about to see lots of apps that leverage the multimodal functionalities of GPT-4V.

And of course, it’s connected to the web again.



Think Pieces

Are LLMs good at compressing data? According to DeepMind researchers, they are even better than widely used compression algorithms.

Harvard piece about student use cases for AI. It’s co-written by Ethan Mollick, the esteemed Wharton University professor.

NVIDIA’s CEO had a vision at a Denny’s he worked at. He returned and launched an AI competition.

Startup News

Microsoft is developing its own LLMs to become less reliant on OpenAI. This is according to an employee who recently left.

Bard users found transcripts of private chats indexed in search results. Google faced controversy for this, and users should be aware.

WHOOP, a fitness tracker app, adds a GPT-powered feature. It’s called WHOOP coach, and it was made in collaboration with OpenAI.


Four-legged robots from Carnegie Mellon University perform parkour. They’re able to perform complex moves autonomously.

AutoGen — Microsoft Research’s framework for streamlining LLM workflows.

DivSem — a semantic image editing method that better understands hidden objects while blending new objects into scenes.


Shopify Image Background Replacement — Use a text prompt to create a new AI-generated background for your Shopify products.

Athelas Scribe — Healthcare tool to streamline the clinical intake process.

Wondercraft — Ai-powered podcast creation/dubbing tool.

Vespio — AI-powered sales/data analysis tool.


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