China's "Ernie Bot" outshines ChatGPT

PLUS: Crash testing for AI


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  • Fighting male infertility with AI 👶

    AI pinpoints sperm better than traditional doctors.

  • ChatGPT has some serious competition 🏆

    Baidu’s Ernie 3.5 model gives OpenAI a run for its money.

  • $240M allocated for ‘Crash Test’ AI facilities 🦺

    A part of mandatory AI safety precautions enacted in the EU.


More AI, more babies 👶

The tool, SpermSearch, was trained on thousands of microscope images to distinguish sperm from other cells and debris.

The results?

It’s able to pinpoint a greater number of sperm than an expert embryologist in the same sample — and 1000x faster.

Faster than you can say “Dad.”

Our take: The tech is slated to eventually speed up a treatment called “Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection”. Once the tech makes it into procedure IRL, the team in Sydney should expect a few extra special Christmas cards this year — kudos.


Crash Test

In the context of AI, a "crash test" is an assessment of an AI system's performance under challenging conditions.

It involves various stress tests and unexpected scenarios to determine failure points. Just like crash tests for automobiles.


An emotional AI Voice generator.

Lovo uses AI to generate lifelike human voices. No more dull, robotic voice-overs for your projects; we're talking about an arsenal of 400+ voices with support for 100+ languages.

But here's the kicker: Lovo doesn't just spit out words - it does emotions. You're not just setting the language, you're also setting the mood 😏 

  • 💵 It’s cheap. Hiring voice-over artists or maintaining a multilingual team is expensive. Lovo starts at $19/month.

  • 🏃 It’s fast. Producing a high-quality voice-over with human actors can take months. Lovo takes seconds.

  • 💌 It resonates. This is no Microsoft Sam. Lovo-generated voices have human emotion.

Imagine an AI-generated voice-over that actually sounds excited when introducing your product. It's like hiring an Oscar-winning actor for your voicemail.

Best of all? It’s free to try.


China's “Ernie Bot” outshines ChatGPT 🏆 

‘Ernie Bot’ is based on the Ernie 3.5 foundational model and has been undergoing public testing in China since March.

Results are mixed. In English, it outperforms ChatGPT — but not GPT-4. Focusing on Chinese, however, Ernie surpasses ChatGPT and GPT-4 in several tests.

Even more impressive?

Ernie Bot achieved these results just 3 months after its beta release.

Our view: Baidu’s putting some serious pressure on the American AI giants. Things just got even more interesting.


EU to install 'crash test' systems for AI safety 🦺

The EU has established plans for four AI crash test systems and experimental facilities across the continent, costing around $240 million.

The crash test systems are all part of the recently passed EU AI Act.

The facilities start testing AI and robotics next year, in various fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, food, and cities.

Our take: The EU is being super careful with AI — and who can blame ‘em? But the AI frontier is still in its Wild West stage. It takes two to tango, and it’s not yet clear whether AI companies stay in or pull out of the EU with the new AI Act.



Think Pieces

AI in the classroom — will AI replace traditional teachers?

Startup News


Sweet AI inspiration — honeybees’ creative problem-solving skills are attracting the attention of AI developers.

AI algorithm helps detect lung cancer — good performance by AI in a retrospective oncology study.


ChapaGPT [Sponsored] — a next-generation AI Chrome extension for browsing the internet. Summarizing text, understanding context, and configuring custom prompts are just a click away with this transformative Chrome extension. — Allow AI to create your prefect resume in minutes.

Freshworks Freddy AI — Automates repetitive CRM tasks quickly.


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