DoD's AI task force

PLUS: Amazon's AI shopping feature


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Amazon’s AI-generated reviews 🛍️

    A new tool for summarizing customer reviews.

  • DoD’s AI task force 🏛️🇺🇸

    The feds have announced “Task Force Lima.“

  • Scale AI’s LLM Testing and Evaluation 🕵️

    The system is already in use with OpenAI, The White House, and others.


Amazon’s new shopping AI tool 🛍️

But first, a selfie.

Amazon’s testing with a small group of US mobile shoppers as a trial.

The skinny:

1/ AI summarizes a product’s reviews to quickly inform customers of its public reception and features.

2/ It creates clickable buttons based on features like “ease of use,“ “performance,“ and “stability.”

3/ Amazon claims it only summarizes verified reviews and combats fake reviews.

Our take: AI-generated reviews will become easier and easier to pull off. In 2021, Amazon claimed to block 200 million fake reviews. How many will it catch this year? Importantly: how many will it miss?


Data labeling

In AI, data labeling refers to assigning classifications to AI training data to create an accurate training dataset — most often images. As a simplified example, in the case of a self-driving car: is the object in this image a traffic cone or pedestrian?

Clean labelled data can be the difference between excellent and mediocre model performance.

Scale AI has labeled data for many AI startups, including OpenAI.


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Generative AI Task Force 🏛️🇺🇸


It’s called “Task Force Lima.”

Like the bean?

Frank n’ beans:

1/ The woman in charge: Kathleen Hicks, Deputy Secretary of Defense.

2/ The Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO) oversees the task force.

3/ M. Xavier Lugo, U.S. Navy Captain and member of CDAO’s Algorithmic Warfare Directorate, is Task Force Lima’s Mission Commander.

“The adoption of artificial intelligence in defense is not solely about innovative technology, but also about enhancing national security.”

M. Xavier Lugo, Task Force Lima’s Mission Commander

“The DoD has an imperative to responsibly pursue the adoption of generative AI models while identifying proper protective measure and mitigating security risks that may result from issues such as poorly managed training data.“

Dr. Craig Martell, DoD Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer

Our take: we’re not surprised by this development in the slightest. Several militaries have deployed AI for several years now, so a dedicated organization for generative AI makes sense.


Scale AI’s LLM Testing and Evaluation 🕵️

Scale AI launched its LLM testing and evaluation platform. Among its users are OpenAI, The White House, and CDAO.

Scale this:

1/ Scale AI partnered with OpenAI, Meta, Microsoft, Anthropic, and others.

2/ Scale measures LLMs for 5 main factors: instruction following, creativity, responsibility, reasoning, and factuality.

3/ It uses human experts and AI models to evaluate “harmfulness” vs “helpfulness“ in LLMs.

Our take: Scale AI has sold a valuable service in this AI gold-rush: accurate data. Because they’re ingrained in the AI ecosystem, Scale may be deep enough in the mix to influence the direction of testing and safety.

Perhaps we’re seeing this in play now.



Think Pieces

Real harm today vs a future doomsday: focusing on how AI is negatively impacting us today instead of worrying about could be in the future.

China orders over $5 billion worth of NVIDIA AI chips. Companies like Baidu, ByteDance, Tencent, and Alibaba are buying. Likely a combo of the existing shortage and upcoming restrictions.

Startup News

Anthropic raises another $100 million. The investor? South Korean mobile provider, SK Telecom.

SoftBank launches OpenAI competitor. Japanese LLMs from SB Intuitions.

More on Japan: Stability AI launches Japanese LLM. It’s called Japanese StableLM Alpha.


OpenProteinSet — Harvard’s and Columbia University’s open-source dataset of 16 million MSAs (Multiple Sequence Alignments).

NVIDIA’s article on FlexiCubes — user-friendly, adjustable parameters for 3D meshes.

Can ChatGPT replace lawyers? A paper on how LLMs help with cryptocurrency legal cases.


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