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  • DrEureka trains robot dog to balance on a ball without real-world training

DrEureka trains robot dog to balance on a ball without real-world training

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Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Robot dog balances on a yoga ball 🐶 🧠

    DrEureka trains robots without any real-world training or fine-tuning.

  • Make 3D models and scenes in under a second 🧊 🏜️

    GS-LRM generates high-quality 3D scenes from photos.

  • The news just got Grokked. 📲 🗞️

    𝕏 launched AI summaries powered by Grok.

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Luke, I am your paw-ther 🐶 🧠

It automates the entire sim-to-real process for robots. It allows them to learn new skills in simulated environments and deploy them in the real world.

What does this look like?

With this method, they trained a robot dog to balance/walk on a yoga ball without any real-world training or fine-tuning required.

That dog is… on the ball. Amirite? 😏

How does it work?

It builds on NVIDIA’s previous work with Eureka, an algorithm that taught a five-finger robot hand to spin a pen.

DrEureka is an AI agent that writes code to train robot skills in simulations. It then writes more code to fully automate the sim-to-real process.

Robot dog? Yoga ball?

The ball’s bouncy surface is difficult to accurately simulate. Despite this, DrEureka can balance, steer on multiple terrains, walk sideways, and even stabilize itself after the ball is kicked.

This whole process is automated?

Correct. Sim-to-real transfer typically requires expert roboticists to adjust every parameter by hand. DrEureka leverages AI models like GPT-4 to account for gravity, friction, and more. It automatically tunes for all parameters and articulates its reasoning accurately.

That’s dog-gone amazing.

Paw-sitively. 🐾 It’s open-source on GitHub, so you can take the codebase out for a spin. If that’s your thing, click here.

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Instantly create 3D models & scenes 🧊 🏜️

It generates high-quality 3D scenes from 2-4 photos taken from different angles. It does this in a fraction of a second.


It’s an AI model that breaks photos into small pieces, processes them, and reassembles them into detailed 3D models or scenes.

What’s so great about it?

It outperforms state-of-the-art methods with its straightforward Transformer architecture. It approximates the fine details and overall shapes of its 3D reconstructions with high computational efficiency.

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𝕏 gets Grok-powered AI summaries 📲 🗞️

It leverages Grok, its AI model, to generate summaries of trending stories in 𝕏’s Explore section.

What does this mean?

Instead of relying on human input or basic algorithms, Grok pulls data from trending 𝕏 discussions. For each story, it doesn’t just show articles; it creates summaries of what people are saying on the platform.

Why? What’s the point?

Grok provides real-time insights into public opinions, which means faster, more engaging news summaries that challenge dominant news sources.

Where are the summaries?

If you pay for 𝕏 Premium, you’ll see it under For You in the Explore section.


Unlock email management with AI responses. Reduce email handling time by 75%, maintain your style, and integrate with Gmail on any device.


Think Piece 🧠

Freeing the chatbot — How AI advancements lead to diverse, practical applications beyond chatbots like the rabbit r1, Meta glasses, and more.

Bug farmers use AI to lower costs. Full Circle Biotechnology uses an AI system to maximize the production of black soldier fly larvae.

Startup News 💰

Rabbit R1’s software receives scrutiny. The claim is it uses AOSP (Android Open Source Project) but is marketed as an AI alternative to smartphones.

Microsoft banned US police from using its AI for facial recognition. Its Azure OpenAI Service terms ban AI in body cameras, dashcams, and more.

Research 👨‍🔬

LLMS-AD — generate accurate, consistent audio descriptions using GPT-4 Vision for video content.

FLAME — a factuality-aware alignment method that reduces inaccurate information in AI outputs via fine-tuning and optimization.

Automatic Creative Selection with Cross-Modal Matching — Apple’s fine-tuning approach that matches application images to relevant search phrases.



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