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  • ElevenLabs launched its text-to-sound effects tool.

ElevenLabs launched its text-to-sound effects tool.

PLUS: School reports are for suckers

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Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Generate sound effects for your content 🔊 🔥

    ElevenLabs launched its text-to-sound effects tool.

  • School reports are for suckers 👨‍🏫 👀

    Perplexity introduced Perplexity Pages.

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Instantly generate sound effects 🔊 🔥

Yesterday, ElevenLabs launched Sound Effects. It’s a text-to-sound effects tool made in partnership with Shutterstock.

What can I do with it?

You can quickly create world-class sound effects for your film, games, social media content, and more.

How does it work?

You type in the desired sound effect for your content, and ElevenLabs generates it for you in seconds.

Why partner with Shutterstock?

The model is fine-tuned on Shutterstock’s audio library of audio tracks.

"The combined power of our rich and immersive library of tracks and this cutting-edge audio technology has enabled the creation of a true market first."

— Aimee Egan, Shutterstock CEO

Whats the difference between a sound guy and a mutual fund?

A mutual fund eventually matures and makes some money... 😳

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Perplexity’s text-to-webpage tool 👨‍🏫 👀

On Thursday, Perplexity unveiled Perplexity Pages. It allows you to generate and edit webpages from a text prompt.

How does it work?

Just specify what your report’s about and select the reading level. Then Perplexity’s AI creates a webpage by researching, writing, and adding visuals.

Is it any good?

Eh. It’s not true research, but it provides a basic template with surface-level data as a starting point to create a presentation.

Can I use it now?

Pro users can use it now, and it’s rolling out to everyone else “soon.”

Teacher gave me an “f’. She said I didn’t deserve a capital letter. 👩‍🏫


Cool Tool 🛠️

Transform How You Work and Organize Information

Flot is your all-in-one and everywhere AI assistant, working across any websites and apps to help you write better, read faster, and remember information well. Everything is just one click away.(Available on Windows and macOS)

Think Pieces 🧠

How to make EV charging more efficient with AI. A small study showed AI can help utilities manage power grids better.

Startup News 💰

Open AI launched ChatGPT Edu. It leverages GPT-4o for personalized tutoring, data analysis, and custom GPTs for educational use.

Google blamed “data voids” for inaccurate AI search results. It suggested glue on pizza, drinking urine, and more while claiming its AI boosts satisfaction.

Research 👨‍🔬

VeLoRA — compresses activations for efficient training of large language models, which enables them to fit into limited GPU memory.

Vidu4D — converts single videos into high-fidelity 4D models using Dynamic Gaussian Surfels for accurate motion capture.


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“He’s named after the tiger in Life of Pi.”

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