Design your dream home with AI

PLUS: Bill Gates says The Age of AI has begun

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Here’s what’s up:

  • Use AI to design your living room 🛋️

  • An AI CEO takes over a video game company 📈

  • Bill Gates declares the Age of AI has begun 🤓

  • Robots that play learn faster 🎡


Use AI to design your dream home

Text2Room is a new AI model that can generate a 3D room from just a text prompt.

How it works:

1/ First it generates a bunch of 2D images of the room using Stable Diffusion or any other tool that can generate 2D images from text.

2/ These images are arranged in an approximate 3D layout. Any holes are filled in with new images.

3/ Finally the AI fixes any depth problems by looking for places where its 3D model and the images it generated are mismatched.

The two-stage process visualized.

The final result is “3D mesh” that you can pan around using your mouse.

In the near-future AI-generated 3D models like these could be dropped right into a video game or turned into blueprints and built in real life.

Why it matters: This tech makes it super easy and fast to generate a 3D environment which could have huge effects on interior design, architecture, and video games.

Imagine how cool it would be to design your dream home just by describing it.

Because these are 3D models, you could even drop it straight into a game like The Sims and try living in it before you build the real-life version.


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Video game company replaced its CEO with AI

Last summer a $2.4 Billion dollar video gaming company ditched its human CEO for an AI. Here’s how that went.

“Her” name is Tang Yu and she took over all the major CEO duties including high-level analytics, leadership decisions, assessing risk, and fostering an efficient workplace.

NetDragon’s performance (blue) compared to the Hong Kong stock market (Yellow).

Since making the switch, NetDragon has outperformed.

So if AI CEOs are just as good as, if not better than their human counterparts, the only question left is: Would you work for an AI boss?


Think pieces

The Age of AI has begun. Bill Gates writes an open letter explaining why Artificial intelligence is as revolutionary as mobile phones and the Internet.

Was this written by a human or AI? Most people can only tell 50% of the time.

Startup News

Mozilla launches an AI startup with a very similar mission to the original OpenAI mission. Introducing Mozilla AI— Investing $30M in “Trustworthy” AI.


Psychotherapy AI Companion— researchers built and tested an AI psychologist to treat anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and suicidal cases.

Learning from Play— Robots can learn new tasks faster if you give them time to play. They learn basic building blocks by exploring that they can use to complete harder tasks later.

HIVE: Human Feedback for Better Image Editing— AI is better at editing images if you give human feedback during training.

VEIL: Vetting Extracted Image Labels— most AI models are trained on data from the internet. Often the description of an image has nothing to do with its contents. This paper makes it easier to get good data.


Bing Image Generation— Looks like GPT4 image capabilities are coming to Bing before ChatGPT.

AI Citation Finder— writing a paper and need to find sources? Just paste your text in this chatbox to find relevant and credible sources

AI Career Coach— short-form courses and video answers from experts individually tailored using AI.


A Stanford professor gave GPT4 the opportunity to “escape” and it worked a little too well. GPT4 seems to be fully capable of creating backdoors for itself to the internet via human collaborators.

Today's AI-Generated Art Show 🖌️

“Flowery dreams” - @eye_for_ai

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