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PLUS: AI may kill all humans (OpenAI CEO)

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  • Github & GPT-4 will build your ideas for you 🧑‍💻 

  • The companies really profiting off the AI race 🏇 

  • Sam Altman admits AI may just kill all humans 🫶 


Hiring AI Engineers 👨‍💻 

Two years ago, GitHub shook hands with OpenAI and gave developers Copilot, an AI programming assistant built on GPT-3. Ever since it’s helped them write almost half their code and build 55% faster.

Github’s Copilot X

Now, Github’s upping its arsenal with Copilot X, a new assistant built on GPT-4 that’s faster and dramatically more precise.

Tech people seem to (mostly) be on board because tools like Copilot and GPT-4 are making them quicker.

But the best part? GPT-4 is more than just an assistant, and non-technical people are using it to make chrome extensions and prototypes with A-tier UI already.

How you can capitalize💸: Have an idea for a software product you’ve been sitting with for a while? This is your chance. If you can’t code it helps to know someone that can, but GPT-4 and other AI helper tools will let you build and iterate faster than you ever might have otherwise anyway.


Damn Good Leads.

We book meetings for busy founders using cold email.


NVIDIA’s Genius Positioning ⛹️‍♀️ 

As more companies strap up for the AI race every day, Nvidia has become the go-to supplier of the GPUs putting them on the tracks.

The NVIDIA GTC event announcing AI Foundations

To keep up with demand, it’s partnering with cloud service providers to offer AI-as-a-service, meaning businesses can access Nvidia's tech from anywhere with just their browsers.

Last week it announced AI Foundations, a project that allows companies to build their own AI models (think custom business chatbots based on GPT-4) using Nvidia’s most powerful cloud computers.

NVIDIA’s AI demos

What this means: irrespective of AI adoption going up, down, or in circles, semiconductor companies like Nvidia come out on top. They’re building the field everyone’s playing on.


Steering Away From AI Dystopia 🪐 

Sam Altman was on the Lex Friedman Podcast yesterday.

In response to computer scientist Eliezer Yudkowsky’s warnings, he admitted there’s a real possibility of AI destroying humans, and that acknowledging so is probably the first step in stopping it.

He also admits OpenAI hasn’t discovered a way to make a super powerful AI aligned with humans just yet, and it may be time for governments to step in to legislate the process.

The big question here: Is AI moving too fast for its own good?


Think Pieces

34th Street: Does AI belong in Art?

Dr. John Spencer: the future of writing in a world of AI.

Lex Friedman Podcast: Sam Altman talks AGI and GPT predictions (2hr20min listen).

Startup News

Beam: fintech startup founded by an ex-Stripe engineer to help contractors get paid quicker raises $4M five months into development.

Dust: Venture capitalists race to land next AI deal on Big Tech's turf.


AI-aided AIGC: using wireless edge networks to create AI-generated content with the help of a new deep diffusion model.

the architecture of AI-generated content as a service

PICASO: enhancing API recommendations with relevant Stack Overflow posts.


ASA: ask sheets anything.

Flowlab: podcasts short-form content, optimized for retention.

MagicFlow: no-code drag-and-drop tool to build AI workflows.

OutfitAI: the AI fashionista helping you try on virtual outfits.

OutfitAI results


GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer): a large AI learning model (LLM) that can take multiple text inputs and process them together rather than in isolation, so that word order and context can be captured too. ChatGPT is one example of a GPT.


A FAANG-engineer-turned-indiepreneur used GPT-4 to make a fully functional iOS app from scratch, and Apple decided to approve it. His first prototype only took five minutes.

Today's AI Art Show 🖌️

A Good Day - @kak_dc

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