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  • Google DeepMind's FunSearch achieves scientific milestone

Google DeepMind's FunSearch achieves scientific milestone

PLUS: Line Uncle Sam's pockets with AI


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • FunSearch PWNS your biology professor 🤓 🥊

    Google Deepmind’s AI model reached an important scientific milestone.

  • Photo dump 💁‍♀️ 🌠

    Google announced Imagen 2’s general availability via Vertex AI.

  • Line Uncle Sam’s pockets with AI 🫣 💰

    H&R Block unveiled its new AI Tax Assist conversational interface.


Move over, poindexter 🤓 🥊

Last month, we reported on Google DeepMind’s GraphCast. It’s an AI model that generates accurate 10-day global weather forecasts in under a minute.

Last Thursday, Google DeepMind published a paper on FunSearch. It’s an LLM that solved the cap set problem, a first for AI models.

Nerd. 🤓

I’m stressed from the holidays. Who cares?

Google DeepMind claims this is the first time an LLM has made a new discovery for solving open problems in science/mathematics.

FunSearch solved a famous puzzle, the cap set problem, which has stumped many human mathematicians.

It did this by generating new information not included in its training data.

Fine, I’ll bite. How does FunSearch work?

FunSearch is unique because it attempts to describe how complex problems are solved instead of immediately trying to find the solution.

It combines a pre-trained LLM with an automated evaluator. The evaluator communicates back-and-forth with the LLM to combat hallucinations and incorrect outputs.

Why is it called FunSearch?

The Fun in FunSearch stands for functions.

So that’s it?

It also discovered multiple algorithms for a “bin-packing” problem. The goal is to pack as many items of various sizes into the smallest number of bins possible.

Google DeepMind claims that this shows practical usefulness in real-life scenarios such as streamlining data centers, allocating jobs to cut costs, and more.

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Felt cute, might delete later 💁‍♀️ 🌠

Last week, we reported on Google Gemini. It’s the newest AI model from Google that claims to outperform GPT-4 in several benchmarks.

Last week, Google announced Imagen 2’s general availability. It’s an advanced text-to-image AI model with API access for developers.

I use DALL-E 3, why would I care?

Last year, Google released Imagen’s API access.

Imagen 2 includes significantly higher image quality, higher resolution outputs, multi-language text generation, logo creation, and outputs that more closely match your provided descriptions.

Why is the API access a plus?

It allows you to integrate Imagen 2 with other software, access your data, integrate into other services, and more

Can you give some examples?

Of course, amigo. 🫡

Snap integrated Imagen 2 into its new AI Camera Mode for Snapchat+ subscribers. You can type out prompts and generate unique scenes to use in Snapchat stories.

Canva also utilizes Imagen 2 as an app that users can access directly while designing graphics.

Shutterstock also leverages Imagen 2 in its AI image generator. We covered that in detail, here.

How can I use it today?

Google Cloud customers can access in Vertex AI.


AI vs the taxman 🫣 💰

End of year tax planning is upon us… 💸🇺🇸

To capitalize on this, H&R Block launched AI Tax Assist. It’s specifically designed for DIY tax filers, sole proprietors, and small business owners.

What is it?

It’s a conversational interface that allows you to ask tax-related questions and get real-time responses.

H&R Block claims that the tool combines its 70 years of tax expertise with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI technology

What’s so great about it?

H&R Block claims it emphasizes tax compliance, helps you adhere to IRS rules, and maximize your returns.

How do I use it?

H&R Block offers many tiers of online tax prep products. One of which is free, but this doesn’t include access to AT Tax Assist.

To use it, you have to get the Basic, Deluxe, Premium, or Self-Employed plan.

The Basic one starts at $35.

Will I go to prison if the AI gives me bad advice?

I’m not touching that, but H&R Block says that it offers access to live tax professionals in addition to the AI assistant at no additional cost.




100DaysOfNoCode — Learn No-Code and AI skills in 100 days. [Sponsor]

GrowEasy — an AI-powered lead generation app for social media leads.

Siena AI — an E-commerce customer service AI agent.

Roast My Web — get AI analytics to optimize your website.

Think Pieces

What is Superalignment? OpenAI’s paper on what it is, what it will look like in the future, and its open-source code to conduct superalignment experiments.

Can AI save the coral reefs? The Coral Restoration Foundation developed an AI tool that reads 3D coral reef maps and uses AI to analyze them.

Neural Nexus, the online AI-led gaming empire. Players of EVE Online used GPT.4 to make an AI-led player corporation called Neural Nexus.

Startup News

OpenAI partnered with Eric Schmidt. They launched a $10 million grant program to ensure that superhuman AI systems are aligned with humanity.

Google and Alphabet Inc get sued. The claim is that their AI violates the Sherman act and doesn’t site its news sources.

Visa introduced Visa Provisioning System Intelligence. It’s an AI system that detects fraudulent transactions.


STEMGEN — a context-aware music generation model developed by ByteDance.

ReST meets ReACT — a paper on an AI system that attempts to incorporate human empathy to efficiently answer open-ended questions.

Weight Subcloning — a technique to format scaled-down transformer models, decreasing the time required in training and increasing the overall performance.


Last week, Sam Altman dispelled rumors of a potential GPT 4.5 Turbo leak.

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Until next time 🤖😋🧠

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