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  • Google makes massive investments into ChatGPT competitor 🤖😋🧠

Google makes massive investments into ChatGPT competitor 🤖😋🧠

ChatGPT reached 1 million users in just 5 days and that scared the absolute bajeebus out of tech-giants like Google.

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In this issue:

  • Infinite Seinfeld cancelled by Twitch TV 🚫

  • Google makes massive investments into ChatGPT competitor 💰

  • Our predictions and your next million-dollar ideas 🤑

  • lofi nuclear war to relax and study to 🍄

UPDATE: Infinite Seinfeld Taken Off the Air

Since we wrote about Nothing, Forever — the infinitely AI-generated show inspired by Seinfeld and streamed on Twitch TV — it's been taken down by Twitch.

The show received a 14-day ban after the AI generated an anti-LGBT monologue.

Tweeting reading "#watchmeforever just got banned after producing "this clip" btw I love Nothing, Forever"

Remember, no dialogue in this show is written by humans, it's all generated on the fly using generative AI — basically reading the whole internet and regurgitating plausibly human text.

This is a common problem with any AI trained on human data: many humans are bigots.

All the way back in 2016 Microsoft had to shut down their chatbot experiment Tay after Twitter taught it to be racist in less than 24 hours

Expect Nothing, Forever to be back on the air in 14 days assuming the creators are able to sufficiently sanitize the output of their dialogue-generating models to avoid topics against Twitch Terms of Service.

We reached out to the creators, Mismatch Media, for comment, but did not receive a response.

Google makes massive investments into ChatGPT competitor 💰

A circular graph showing how many days it took several popular services like Netflix, Airbnb, Facebook, and others to reach 1 Million Users. ChatGPT only took 5 days vs months to years for every other service on the list.

ChatGPT, the scary smart chatbot built by Open AI that can do anything from inventing new cocktail recipes to debug your code, reached 1 million users in just 5 days and that scared the absolute bajeebus out of tech-giants like Google.

Google has long been at the forefront of investment in AI. Many of the most advanced models, if not built by Google, are hosted on their cloud services and trained using the TPU computer chips they invented specifically for deep-learning tasks.

And yet somehow OpenAI was able to leap-frog them completely, at least in one domain, when they launched ChatGPT.

The fact a well-funded startup was able to build a great Chat Bot is not what scares Google though.

What scares Google is the number of people who are starting to use ChatGPT instead of Google Search.

What's more, AI-generated content could put Google's entire search empire at risk if the internet gets flooded with bad information that it can't reliably discern from factual content.

For both these reasons, Google has recently announced two huge investments into the competition.

$400 Million Dollar Investment in Anthropic

Three days ago Google announced that they invested almost $400 million in Anthropic, an AI startup that's testing a competitor to OpenAI's ChatGPT.

The two companies announced a partnership where Anthropic will use Google's cloud computing services.

This partnership gives Google access to advanced AI systems and Anthropic access to funding and cloud computing resources from Google.

It's now clear that this was just a warm up for Google second announcement yesterday...

Bard: Google's ChatGPT Competitor

CEO Sundar Pichai announced Bard in a blog post and said that it combines the world's knowledge with the power and creativity of Google's language models.

Google says AI is coming to search in the form of features that synthesize insights for questions where there is no one right answer.

However, there are questions about how Bard processes and packages information, and how sponsored results will be incorporated into the AI framework.

Remember: Google makes its money from Ads. Every technology it develops or product it launches will always reduce to getting more eyeballs on more sponsored content.

Predictions 🔮

  • Expect the other big tech giants to launch their own chat-bots in the coming weeks and months. It's only a matter of time until we hear from Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple about their own versions of ChatGPT.

  • The winners will be the integrators. A tech giant's biggest advantage is its existing platform and user base. Imagine a 9000 IQ Microsoft Clippy who can write the first draft of a memo for you or a version of Amazon Alexa who can do more than re-order the wrong brand of toilet paper.

Your next million-dollar ideas 🤑

There are dozens of products being launched every day on the back of ChatGPT and similar services.

Remember: in any gold rush there's a guy getting rich selling shovels.

Here are three shovel-selling ideas that could make you your next million:

  1. Become a data dealer: Every business that wants to build its own chatbot will need industry-specific data to train it on. You find the data, human-verify and annotate it, and sell it to the business. Then stick it in your archive and re-sell it to every other business in the same industry.

  2. Build the Chat-GPT for internal documentation. Create a platform that lets any business process all its own documentation: every Kanban board, Notion page, and shared Google doc. Now every employee has their own mentor/executive assistant.

  3. Sell a prompt library. One of the hardest parts of getting what you want out of a Chatbot is figuring out how to ask. Search Twitter and Reddit for posts that start with "how do I get ChatGPT to do X", then create a library of prompts that do exactly those tasks. Sell access to the library, or make it free and sell ads.

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