PaLM-E, Google's smartest new bot

PLUS: Grandmas are at risk from AI-powered scams

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Today, we’re talking about Google’s latest breakthrough and scammers using AI mimicry to scam the elderly.

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  • Google proves it’s no slouch in the AI wars 🥊

  • A cheap hosted solution for stable-diffusion 🥗

  • Why your Grandma is at risk from AI-powered scammers 👵

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PaLM-E, Google's smartest new bot

Google’s newest bot can do it all. PaLM-E is the largest large-language model built yet, beating ChatGPT and LLaMA in size and capabilities.

That’s PaLM-E: a one-model generalist across robotics, language, and vision-language….We observe emergent capabilities like multimodal chain of thought reasoning, and multi-image inference, despite being trained on only single-image prompts.

If you’ve been reading Bot Eat Brain closely this might remind you of our previous article which covered a team at Microsoft Research using ChatGPT to control robots.

Clearly, these results are similar, but there have been no head-to-head comparisons made yet to declare a winner.

PaLM-E combines multiple domains of knowledge

Here’s your overview of PaLM-E…

#1 It’s big: PaLM-E set a new record for very-large models, clocking in at a heavyweight 562-billion parameters.

#2 It’s smart: PaLM-E can reason across multiple domains. It can read a street sign and tell you if it’s safe to park. It can control a robot to grab you a snack from the kitchen.

#3 It’s still just a start: Skynet won’t be knocking on your door tomorrow, give it a couple of weeks at least, please. This model has not been released to the public and it will take some time for the open-source world to catch up.


Chop cloud bills in half with Salad 🔪

Need to generate 1000’s of images using stable-diffusion? Want to save money? Then keep reading…

Salad offers developers an easy-to-use and fully managed Inference API for stable-diffusion allowing developers to scale their inferences infinitely without worrying about configuring their infrastructure.

Benchmarking Salad against several other “one-click deployment” services reveals that Salad is the most cost-effective solution:

You can generate more than 1000 images per dollar and only pay for what you need. Easily scale from 10,000 images per hour, to zero, and back again.

The secret sauce: community cloud. SaladCloud is a fully people-powered alternative to traditional cloud services.

10,000+ consumer GPUs are available at any moment, offering high availability, top performance, and scalable container solutions for a fraction of the cost.

AI-powered scammers can mimic the voice of loved ones to deceive the elderly

Ruth Card, victim of an AI-Powered scam

Imagine getting a call from someone you know is in jail, and they need you to bail them out.

Would you do it?

That’s the dilemma Ruth Card faced when she received a phone call from someone who sounded just like her grandson Brandon, claiming he was in jail and needed help. She dashed to her bank, withdrew CAD $3,000, and then hurried to another branch to withdraw more.

Artificial Intelligence advancements have given scammers a powerful new tool, allowing bad actors to replicate a voice with just an audio sample of a few sentences.

Our take: Every tool is also a weapon. New tools create both new opportunities and new dangers.

Your older relatives may have no idea what’s now possible. Why not give your Grandma a call soon and give her a heads-up?

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