Google’s incoming AI features at I/O 23’

PLUS: Bing's AI is now available to everyone

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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • 🤖 Microsoft ditches the waitlist for Bing AI
    Microsoft has opened up Bing’s AI features for anyone to use in return for feedback.

  • 🔎 Google’s incoming AI features at I/O 23’
    Google is preparing to announce these five new AI features at their I/O event on May 10th.

  • 🏃🏻‍♂️ OpenAI will no longer train models on customer data
    Prompts will no longer be used by OpenAI to train existing and upcoming AI models.


Bing AI just ditched the waitlist. 🚪

Microsoft is ditching the "New Bing" waitlist, so you can try out their AI-powered search engine right away.

That's not all - Bing is getting some sweet updates. Here are the features we know about so far:

1/ Book restaurant reservations
2/ Save your chat history
3/ Switch from text to image-based chats (totally different from ChatGPT 😉).

But wait, there's more: Bing is adding even more visual updates, like image-based answers, charts, and graphs, and the option to get answers in different formats. Soon, you'll be able to do visual searches in the chat by uploading an image and finding related content on the web.

Bings chat interface

Remember, Bing uses OpenAI's GPT-4 language models which power ChatGPT, so any updates to ChatGPT should find their way to Bing, and vice-versa.

Quick Take: Bing AI is improving on a weekly basis while Google Search feels stagnant. With over 100 million daily active users in just a month since the AI update, it's clear that Bing is giving Google a run for its money and Google is freaking out about it.



An algorithm technique that allows machines to group similar data into categories.

The bigger the model, the more categories (clusters) a model will be able to identify.

This is how extremely large models (we’re talking billions of parameters) like ChatGPT are able to figure out complex relationships between mood, style, and subject-matter for a huge variety of differents texts.


Bend any website to your will with this AI-powered Chrome extension.

PixieBrix lets you customize, extend, and integrate your favorite SaaS apps without writing a single line of code.

Choose from pre-made mods that integrate with hundreds of applications and platforms or build your own to customize your personal experience.

Why it’s cool:

  • It’s a Chrome extension, so it’s dead simple to install.

  • Low-code "bricks" get you started fast 🧱 

  • Context-aware, PixieBricks knows what’s up on any page you visit.

  • Works seamlessly between internal and external apps.


AI features incoming from Google I/O 👇

Google is getting ready to drop some major AI updates at their upcoming event, Google I/O on May 10th. They're trying to catch up to Microsoft and we've got the inside scoop on what to expect.

1/ Upgrades to Google Bard

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai wasn't satisfied with the capabilities of their current AI model, Bard. So they're upgrading to a more advanced PaLM model that will have better reasoning, coding, and math abilities.

2/ AI-powered search results

Over 160 people are working on incorporating AI into Google's search engine to personalize search recommendations for users. Project Magi is just one of the many AI features in development.

3/ AI upgrades to Workspace

Back in March, Google announced that it was making AI advances to its Workspace product, which includes Gmail, Docs, and Slides. These upgrades are still undergoing beta testing before they're released to the public. With these AI improvements, Workspace will be even more efficient and helpful to businesses.

4/ Promoting Google Assistant

Unlike Siri and Alexa, Google Assistant will be able to create content based on user prompts. This sets it apart from the competition and puts pressure on Amazon and Apple. As Google continues to enhance Google Assistant, we can expect even more features soon.

5/ The debut of Imagen

Google has been developing Imagen, an AI image generator, for a while now. It's set to launch at Google I/O with other AI advancements. Imagen will allow users to create top-notch images quickly and effortlessly like DALLE.

Our Take: Google's focus on AI this year is crucial for its success. They need to make sure that the AI is helpful and not a nuisance to millions of people using Google Workspace.


OpenAI reverses course on customer data 🤫

TL;DR OpenAI will no longer train on API customer data, but ChatGPT will still use user data for training.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently announced that the company has stopped training its large-language models, such as ChatGPT, on customer data from API services. This change was discreetly made in their terms of service back in March.

However, OpenAI's new privacy and data protection measures only apply to API service users. Those using non-API services, like ChatGPT, will still have their data used for training.

Writers are striking in part to protect their jobs from AI.

Meanwhile, Hollywood writers have gone on strike, pushing for limitations on AI potentially trained in their works, and industry executives like IAC's Barry Diller have recently hinted at media companies suing AI firms over creative content use.

To recap:

  • Writers are worried about studios replacing them with AI.

  • Studios are worried about AI-generated content infringing on their IP.

  • Both parties (and other businesses as well) want to limit what OpenAI can do with their data.

Key insight: OpenAI is navigating uncharted territory in IP law. They are taking these steps now to protect themselves from future lawsuits from IP creators and businesses.



Think Pieces

Startup News

Mattermost integrates generative AI into their open-source collaboration tool.

Box is partnering with OpenAI to integrate generative AI tools across the platform.


SmartGPT - a prompt flowchart to get better GPT-4 responses.


tl;dv - an AI-powered meeting recorder and summarizer.

Midjourney Slack Bot - use the power of Midjourney in your Slack.

Spellpage - an AI assistant that helps you organize tasks and schedule them.

Kubee - make an AI-enhanced avatar in a few clicks.


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