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  • GPT the relationship advisor 💕 

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How To Train Your Supercomputer 💾 

Training AI models isn’t easy. ChatGPT and Google’s Bard (both powered by Nvidia’s chips), for example, required thousands of chips to work together with computers running around the clock for months.

This Tuesday, Google published details about its own AI supercomputers and claimed they measure faster than Nvidia’s systems.

They’ve been developing their tech since 2016 and it’s allegedly powered by more than 4,000 processing units. Google even says it used its supercomputers to train its PaLM model (GPT competitor) in less than 50 days.

Nvidia fans were quick to point out though that Google didn't compare their results to Nvidia's latest chip, the H100, which is actually much faster.

NVIDIA fans reacting to Google’s chips

Our take: in any case, it's clear the tech infrastructure for AI is heating up (both literally and figuratively). That's good news for all cloud providers that can rent out their processing power to other companies.


Data Mining

The process of sorting through large sets of data in order to identify patterns that repeat while establishing problem-solving relationships to train AI models on.


You dream, Reetail sells

Create an online store in <1 minute with the most advanced E-Commerce AI. No complicated setup. No coding required.

Reetail is a Stripe plugin, so you get a fully integrated checkout experience, product inventory, and order management with no extra work.

Create your store with Reetail

Here’s what’s great about an AI-powered e-comm store built with Reetail:

💬 Reetail AI helps you write product descriptions, marketing campaigns, and social media ads.

✨ No coding required to get your store up and running.

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OpenAI’s Measures for AI Safety 🦺 

On Wednesday, OpenAI released a statement diving into the measures they take to ensure their AI doesn’t go rogue.

They mentioned building safety monitoring systems, deliberately slowing down release timelines, investing in AI safety research, and a bunch more.

Therefore in the spirit of safe AI systems…

Here’s How to Capitalize 💸 :

Our Prediction 🔮: as AI adoption skyrockets, AI safety is going to emerge as one of the largest new industries over the next decade.

1/ Michelin safety stars: create a rigorous certification system that businesses can earn to demonstrate their AI systems are safe, reliable, and ethical. Operationally intensive, but super profitable.

2/ AI insurance: if you’ve got legal acumen, provide insurance for businesses that use AI, covering the most major potential liabilities and risks. Bonus points if you use an algorithm to price and pick clients.

3/ AI consultation: there are no experts here yet, and the space ripens every day. Learn everything about the best AI tools and how to implement them legally, and this could be a multi-million dollar agency. We say niche down into compliance, risk management, or making employees more productive initially.


The Big Picture: Generative AI 🌆 

^ An overview of some of the biggest generative AI players across creative mediums. Feel free to bounce around and look up what any of these startups are working on.


Solving the AI Alignment Problem



Think Pieces

Can AI commit libel? We’re about to find out

Why AI writing tools like ChatGPT are the future of learning.

WSJ tech briefing: how OpenAI's CEO balances AI development and risk.

Startup News

Adthos uses generative AI to completely automate audio ads.

Sundar Pichai says Google Search is going to include Chat AI.

Anthropic’s $5B, 4-year plan to take on OpenAI.


Every Author as First Author: (general) new proposition to treat all author names on papers as equals.

Learning to read braille: bridging tactile reality gaps with diffusion models (video demo).


SenseappAI: automatically organizes and syncs all your information assets from various working apps. Use it as a single source of truth for your work.

Avaturn: seamlessly create realistic and customizable 3D avatars. the AI tool for email automation and generating email.

Double: automate research and lead qualification.

MagicBrief: the tool to plan and create ads for social media.



Reddit’s demand for relationship advice dropped as ChatGPT started gaining in popularity.

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