How to enable plugins in ChatGPT


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  • Web browsing and plugins launch on ChatGPT 💬

  • White House tasks hackers with breaking AI Bots 🧑‍💻

  • Eventbrite adds AI to their platform to auto-generate event descriptions and images 📅


How to enable web browsing and plugins in ChatGPT

OpenAI is finally catching up to other AI companies with internet connectivity and has launched ChatGPT Plugins. If you're using ChatGPT Plus, get ready to explore new features. These Plugins give ChatGPT special abilities, like browsing the web and connecting with different services.

They partnered with popular companies like Expedia, Slack, and Wolfram-Alpha to bring a variety of tools. A few things OpenAI highlighted you could do while chatting with ChatGPT: you can plan trips, work with your team, and access information from many plugins.

What this means: OpenAI's decision to introduce Plugins is in response to Google’s recent update with Bard. The competition between them is getting intense, and both are quickly pushing the limits of what AI can do.

Where it’s available so far:

How to enable Plugins & Web Browsing in ChatGPT:


Neural Networks

A deep learning technique that resembles the order of a human brain. The structure of a neural network constitutes several layers that perform calculations on the input and decide the correct output class.



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White House tasks hackers with breaking ChatGPT 🧑‍💻

The White House has issued a daring challenge to hackers: break ChatGPT and other AI chatbots. The hacking contest will take place at the Def Con 31 hacker convention. Top AI developers like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have bravely agreed to participate in the event. The goal? To better understand the risks associated with this powerful technology.

By breaking into these AI chatbots, the White House hopes to gather crucial information for researchers and the public about the impact of these systems. It's like shining a light on the dark corners of technology and allowing AI companies to fix any issues found in their models.

The White House also warned about the dangers of AI technology in a recent press release. It's not just about jobs being at risk; society itself could face catastrophic consequences. A former OpenAI researcher even expressed a "50/50 chance of doom" if AI systems surpass human cognitive abilities.

Our take: The challenge to break AI chatbots and the warning about the potentially catastrophic consequences of AI technology will likely lead to increased scrutiny from regulators.



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Hubble: Add AI to your website in minutes with no code.

Helix: Create a custom AI chatbot trained on your documents. the world's first AI-powered workspace that's personalized to you.


Not exactly AI yet, this is a demo of a human-teleoperated robot that can clean your home. Presumably, the data gathered could be used to train an AI to take over the operation of the robot body at a future date.

Click to watch the video on Twitter of Alfie cleaning a home.


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