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  • Humane says its Ai Pin's charging case is a fire risk

Humane says its Ai Pin's charging case is a fire risk

PLUS: Adobe’s new AI steals your data


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Burn your house down for $700 🤖 🔥

    Humane issued a Stop Use Notice for the Ai Pin’s charging case.

  • Adobe’s new AI steals your data 💻 🫣

    It announced the general availability of AEP new and terms of service.

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Burn your house down for $700 🤖 🔥

On Wednesday, Humane published a Stop Use Notice for its Ai Pin. It warned you to stop using its charging cases that “pose a fire safety risk.”

Humane flames to please. 🔥


Humane urges customers to stop using its charging pod “immediately.”


It claims it received a “single report” of its faulty charging pod using a “third-party USB-C cable and a third-party power source.”

So, how do I charge it?

Humane claims the Ai Pin, battery packs, and charging pad are not affected. You can still charge it with the charging pad.

How much does it cost?

The Ai Pin is $700 plus $24 a month for service. Humane is offering the first two months free to make up for this.

What happens when the Ai Pin tells you a joke? You get burned! 🔥

Get hands-on experience working in AI

Become an AI trainer, provide feedback on AI-generated responses, and help us build better and safer models.


Adobe’s new AI steals your data 💻 🫣

Yesterday, Adobe announced the general availability of the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP). It’s an AI assistant designed for marketers.

What does it do?

It answers technical questions about your Adobe Experience Cloud apps, automates routine tasks, simulates marketing outcomes, and more via a chat interface.

Is it safe to use for businesses?

Adobe claims it adhere to data security standards, doesn’t share data outside the company, and more.

So it won’t access my data?

I wouldn’t say that. Adobe recently changed its terms of service. It claims it has the right to access, use, and sublicense your content to others.

“Solely for the purposes of operating or improving the Services and Software, you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free sub-licensable license to use, reproduce, publicly display, distribute, modify, create derivative works based on, publicly perform, and translate the Content.”

— Adobe’s Terms of Service


Cool Tool 🛠️

Your Everywhere and All-in-One AI Assistant

Imagine an AI companion that works across any website or app, helping you write better, read faster, and remember information. No more copying and pasting—everything is just one click away. Meet Flot AI!(Available on Windows and macOS)

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    • Summarize

    • Adjust tone

    • Customized Prompts

  3. Save, search, and recall information with one click

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Think Pieces 🧠

Clone your loved ones and talk to them after death. A terminally ill man created an interactive version of himself for his family.

A DJ is suing Microsoft. The lawsuit is for an AI-generated article that falsely accused him of sexual misconduct.

Startup News 💰

Google launched the Google for Startups AI Academy. It aims to bring AI to public infrastructure sectors like energy, education, and public safety.

Research 👨‍🔬

To Believe or Not to Believe Your LLM — information-theoretic metric to detect high epistemic uncertainty, helping to identify hallucinations.

ZeroSmooth — a training-free method to adapt video diffusion models for high-frame-rate video generation.

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