IBM and NASA’s satellite AI

PLUS: US Air Force's AI-piloted drone


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • ChatGPT’s updates 🔥

    ChatGPT gets multi-file upload ability, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

  • IBM and NASA’s AI goes open-source 👽🛰️

    The collab has open-sourced their geospatial model, watsonx, on Hugging Face.

  • The US Air Force’s AI agent 🛩️💥

    Its stealth drone flew entirely with AI for 3 hours.


ChatGPT’s new goodies 🍬

OpenAI announced ChatGPT updates on Friday. The features are set to roll out over the next week.

The snacks:

1/ Prompt suggestions: ChatGPT offers chat examples when starting.

2/ Responses: relevant reply suggestions to deepen conversations.

3/ Default model: the interface will revert to your previously selected model, instead of 3.5 by default.

4/ Multi-file uploads: it analyzes more data at once (in Code Interpreter for Plus/Beta users).

5/ Login: does a better job remembering you & keeping you logged in.

6/ Shortcuts: self-explanatory here.

Our take: everyone and their mother has opinions on what changes ChatGPT needs. Popular ones are search bars for old chats, the ability to enable/disable plugins in a chat, returned internet browsing capabilities, etc.

Even so, the multi-file capability makes more complex tasks like accounting, coding, etc., easier to automate.


Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing refers to the process of detecting and monitoring the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance, typically from satellite or aircraft.

We use remote sensing to understand the Earth’s climate and weather patterns, agricultural forecasts, and more.


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IBM and NASA’s open-source AI 👽🛰️

My dear Watson.

6 months ago, they partnered to create an AI model that analyzes satellite data. The goal: better number crunching for climate research.

It’s elementary:

1/ Watsonx processes geospatial data 4x faster than other AI models, with half the labeled data.

2/ It accurately maps areas affected by natural disasters and predicts future ones.

3/ It can also monitor deforestation, predict crop yields, and track greenhouse gases.

“AI remains a science-driven field, and science can only progress through information sharing and collaboration. This is why open-source AI and the open release of models and datasets are so fundamental to the continued progress of AI, and making sure the technology will benefit as many people as possible.”

- Jeff Boudier, Hugging Face’s Head of Product and Growth

Our take: this gives us serious hope for all the good AI can do. AI could be the shovel that digs humanity out of its biggest problems — so a big cheers to this!


The US Air Force’s AI agent 🛩️💥

The XQ-58 Valkyrie has completed a successful test flight. The unmanned AI-powered Air Force drone performed various aerial combat tasks.

* French horn blaring Wagner intensifies *

The Air Force Research Laboratory claims it flew for three hours entirely under AI control.


1/ It took 2 years of R&D to culminate into this recent success.

2/ The platform’s specifically designed for stealth.

3/ The Air Force seeks to create drones that operate beside human-flown aircraft, coined “Loyal Wingmen.“

“AI will be a critical element to future warfighting and the speed at which we’re going to have to understand the operational picture and make decisions“

- Scott Cain, Head of Air Force Research Laboratory

Our take: At this point, it’s a question of if, rather than when, AI will fight our wars — the first domino’s have already fallen. AI and firepower is a concerning combination, but the engineering feat can’t be ignored.



Think Pieces

a16z’s take on AI’s economic impact. How AI will impact the future of small business.

Is AI better than 2 radiologists? A study on over 80,000 Swedish women suggests that AI breast cancer screenings are as effective as 2 radiologists working in tandem.

Startup News

Xpeng’s VP of Autonomous Driving quits. Xinzhou Wu, Head of Autonomous Driving, has allegedly quit to join NVIDIA.

Coreweave secures a $2.3 billion bag. It will use the loan to address the growing demand for GPU compute.


A Google Research article on multi-modal medical AI. Several different approaches and the pros & cons of each.

Paper on Microsoft’s DeepSpeech-Chat. It democratizes AI model learning with Human Feedback.

A paper on OpenFlamingo. It mimics DeepMind’s Flamingo and lets AI models process interwoven image/text sequences.

Tools [Sponsored] — automatically generate professional ads with a click. G2’s 2023 pick for one of the three fastest-growing products worldwide.

Alpaca — an AI-powered image creation tool.

Heuristica — AI-powered learning tool that allows clicking instead of prompting.

Comigo — an AI-powered organizational tool specifically for people with ADHD.


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