Is Kling the Chinese Sora killer?

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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Is Kling the Chinese Sora killer? 🎨 🔥

    A Chinese video platform launched a Sora competitor.

  • Turn any noise into a song 🤖 🎧

    Udio launched audio uploads.

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Is Kling the Chinese Sora killer? 🎨 🔥

What does it do?

It generates 1080p videos up to 2 minutes long from a text prompt.

Is it any good?

It excels at generating believable movement, imaginative concepts, and realistic physics. It replicates fluids, reflective surfaces, shading effects, and more.

What’s under the hood?

It uses a 3D VAE (Variational Autoencoder) to encode/decode videos, which creates smooth, detailed frames. It leverages a 3D spatio-temporal joint attention mechanism which results in natural-looking motion.

How can I use it?

You need to be an invited beta tester with a Chinese phone number. If you have one, you can download the app, request access in your profile settings, activate Kling AI by entering your mobile number and Kuaishou ID.

You can also email [email protected] to request beta tester access.

Less than two weeks left to invest in this smart home startup.

The ball-park isn’t the only place to look for home runs. Best Buy has a proven record of placing early bets on home-tech products that go on to dominate the market.

  • Ring - acquired by Amazon for $1.2B

  • Nest - acquired by Google for $3.2B

Early investors in these companies are sitting on some serious returns - but for the rest of us, there's still a chance to get in on the action with RYSE.

History tends to repeat itself, and RYSE's launch in +100 Best Buys points towards their company being the next home run.

Their Smart Shade tech is poised to dominate an industry growing at 50% annually, and there's still time to invest in their $1.50/share public offering.


Turn your recordings into songs 🤖 🎧

On Wednesday, Udio launched audio uploads. It allows you to use your own music, or audio recording as a prompt.

How does it work?

You can record any sound, upload it, and Udio will create an intro or section of a song using that audio. Then you can adjust the tempo, genre, mood, and more. If you like the output, you can extend the clip forward or backward by 32 seconds.

How can I use it?

You have to be a paid subscriber to use this experimental feature.


Think Pieces 🧠

A camera that converts photos into AI-generated images. It uses a Raspberry Pi and DALLE-3 to transform photos into various styles.

Startup News 💰

Softbank plans to build a data center in Osaka, Japan. It will close a Sharp LCD panel site and repurpose it to build a 150MV datacenter by 2025.

Meta unveiled AI-powered ad targeting on WhatsApp. It leverages user behavior from Facebook and Instagram to boost revenue through targeted ads.

Research 👨‍🔬

Ouroboros3D — converts a single image into 3D models by combining multi-view image generation and 3D reconstruction into a recursive diffusion process

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