Italy bans ChatGPT

PLUS: Plug your brain into AI

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  • Italy bans ChatGPT ❌ 

  • How to connect GPT-4 to your brain 🧠 

  • Why March was the craziest month in AI 🤯 

  • Developing software on your Apple Watch ⌚️ 

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Italy Shows OpenAI The Door 🚪 

Italy just indefinitely banned ChatGPT over privacy concerns. This marks the first time a government has blocked an AI tool, and the news has sent mini shockwaves through the tech community.

Italian regulators accused OpenAI of stealing user data and failing to protect minors from illicit content.

If ChatGPT truly has problems with GDPR compliance, this could snowball into a blanket ban across the EU.

OpenAI denies all accusations and says it is committed to protecting people's privacy.

The Big Picture: It’s unclear how this will affect further AI regulation in Italy (although we suspect Italian VPN providers will be better off for it), but we seriously doubt other countries will follow suit.


Reinforcement Learning

A machine learning method where the AI algorithm learns by interacting with its environment, and then is penalized or rewarded based on the choices it makes.


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Becoming One With GPT-4 🧘 

Tech YouTuber Jeff Delaney (aka Fireship) recently used a device called the Crown to measure his brain waves.

Typically, hospitals do this with large EEG machines that put people in tight tubes. The Crown sizes the process down to a wearable form factor by using tiny electrodes instead.

The Crown sends its data using a JavaScript SDK

The best part? It has a JavaScript SDK that lets users record and stream their data in JSON (programmable) format.

Delaney trained the device to recognize thought patterns like biting into a lemon, right-hand pinching, and tongue movement… and it was scary accurate.

The Crown detects Jeff thinking about biting lemons

He then used the GPT-4 API to connect the two. This means that with earphones in his ear and a text-voice synthesizer, he can think about biting a lemon to have an excuse for being late at work, or hide a micro camera and get the answers at any exam.

Our Prediction 🔮: gadgets like the Crown are only going to get more compact with time. Microchips may be here sooner than we think.

You can watch the full video here, or get the Crown yourself (for $999) if you’ve been inspired to build out the next Neuralink competitor.


The Craziest Month in AI History 🤯 

+ Stanford’s Alpaca, Midjourney v5, NVIDIA’s Foundations, and so, so much more. March was the month of AI product launches.


In with the new and out with the old…


Think Pieces

Pairing With GPT-4: AI-enhanced development makes me more ambitious with my projects

New Statesmen: why no computer can be programmed to question its own moral code.

Startup News

Stability AI: CEO Emad is aiming to IPO in the next few years.

Anthropic: prompt engineers are now a real role at OpenAI competitor.


coExplore: Combining multiple rankings for multi-robot exploration (exploring new environments with many bots).

WhisperX: Oxford paper on time-accurate transcription of long audio files using OpenAI’s Whisper.


Seazn: the cooking companion that turns your ingredients at home into mouth-watering meals.

Regex Generator: describe the text you want extracted and let AI generate the appropriate regex for you.

Outboundly: Chrome extension that uses Artificial Intelligence to generate personalized cold outreach messages for prospects.

Spline: AI-powered 3D modeling tool that creates objects, animations, and textures via prompts.


Mckay turned Siri into an AI-powered coding assistant enabling him to code just by talking to his watch.


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