Meta debuts Llama-2

PLUS: AI catches drug trafficker


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Stability’s AI update gets postponed

    Stable Diffusion XL v1.0 delayed, details leaked.

  • Meta’s New Llama 2 is here 🦙

    Meta announced Llama 2, a new open-source, free LLM.

  • AI springs trap on drug traffickers 🦾

    Police used AI and driving data to pull off the sting.


Stability’s AI update delayed

Stability pushed back Stable Diffusion XL v1.0. The update was supposed to drop on the 18th.

Uh oh. Emad overexaggerating again?

Stability AI’s Joe Penna said it would be “for a week or so“ in a leaked Discord post.

But that message has since been removed.

The original tweet:

Joe Penna mentioned Stability found new models that needed tweaking with community feedback. They’re working on three internal code-names:

  1. vanilla cream

  2. zi señor

  3. milky weights

Our take: Good things take time, and delays aren’t anything new in tech or AI. But we can’t help but wonder… is it a technical delay or a people problem?



In AI, “parameter” is a variable you can change to affect the end performance of the total model. It can be represented in different ways, e.g. a number or matrix.

Simply put: it’s a slider you can wiggle around to tune your LLM.

Generally speaking, the more parameters a model has, the more accurate it can get. However, as you increase the number of parameters, you also increase the risk of over-fitting — a situation in which your model’s performance suffers on new data because it learned from the training data too strictly.


Ask questions and get answers about any file instantly.

Ever been stuck analyzing a long-ass document you just wish someone else could summarize for you?

Ever had a report due tomorrow you just couldn’t figure out how to start writing?

Enter, Humata.

📜 Summarize long papers: Learn Faster. Turn complex technical papers into simply explained summaries. Discover new insights 100X faster.

🤔 Instant Q&A: Answer hard questions related to your file. Get easy-to-understand answers instantly.

✏️ Write Papers 10X Faster: Automatically create new writing based on your file. Generate detailed insights for reports, papers, and a variety of tasks instantly.


Llama 2 is here 🦙

Meta released Llama 2. It’s a new, sparkly, free, open-source Large Language Model.

It comes in two versions: Llama 2 and Llama 2 Chat.

What’s new?

1/ 3 sizes: 7B, 13B, and 70B parameters.

2/ Trained on 2 trillion tokens.

3/ Meta and Microsoft have partnered up. LLama 2 will be distributed via Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

4/ It’s garnered support from Intel, a16z, Y Combinator, and others.

Better than ChatGPT?

Meta claims Llama2 performed as well as ChatGPT using 4,000 prompts designed for “helpfulness“ and “safety.“

We’ll see.

And of course: the live Github repo.

Our take: Meta gated access to Llama 1 for fear of “misuse.“ It’s interesting that they made Llama 2 free and open-source right off the bat, PLUS partnering with Microsoft. An interesting set of relationships swirling around… And it’s clear Microsoft’s playing both sides: they’re now simultaneously partnered with both OpenAI and Meta. It’s harder to lose the derby when you own half the stable.


AI helps police catch drug traffickers 🚨

Am I being detained?

The “roadway intelligence“ platform analyzed the driving patterns of David Zayas and determined it was “suspicious.“

Yes, you are. *Cue Robocop theme*

Rekor AI analyzed Zayas’s route and found that he made trips between Massachusetts and upstate New York multiple times a year.

The route was “known to be used by narcotics pushers and [involved]…conspicuously short stays.“ Lo and behold, the police found crack cocaine, a gun, and over $34k in cash in his vehicle.

Zayas pled guilty to drug trafficking.

Dun Dun.

Our take: The police got the jump this time. But it’s likely criminals will wise up on AI to avoid detection in the future. Looks like output from AI is enough for probable cause…



Think Pieces

Elon Musk claims xAI will be better than OpenAI. He criticizes Microsoft’s control over the company and says xAI is trained to align with humanity and be “maximally curious.“

AI will soon create, interpret, and enforce laws and regulations. With the increase in AI-assisted law enforcement, legal experts claim it’s only a matter of time.

AI isn’t evil? According to 1300 experts, AI is a “force of good.“

Startup News

Microsoft releases Vector Search. It’s an AI feature “in preview“ for Azure Cognitive Search and is capable of voice cloning.

Futureverse raises $54 million for a Metaverse AI venture. Futureverse, made up of 11 different companies, secured the bag in a Series A round held by 10T Holdings. Ripple Labs Inc was a major financial contributor.

Meta and Qualcomm partner up. The goal? To bring LLM computing to phones. They plan to make it a reality by 2024.


Meta’s in-depth whitepaper on Llama 2. It contains information on safety, training, and implementation.

ChatGPT is constantly evolving. An in-depth look at exactly how ChatGPT has changed as time goes on.

SDS-Clip, a method for improving Visuo-Linguistic Reasoning. A paper from Meta AI, Microsoft, Samsung AI, and others. The contributors explain a sample-efficient method for training LLMs.

Tools [Sponsored] — hiring engineers? Use Lemon to hire the best brains.

Permar — create converting landing pages quickly from a text prompt.

CoPrompt — SaaS platform allowing teams to collaborate while using ChatGPT.

ChatDOC — AI-powered assistant to chat with files, analyze them, and get cited sources.


Nat Friedman, former CEO of GitHub, is pumped for Llama 2.

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