Meta's sneaky release of Llama 2 Long

PLUS: Humane's AI chip on the catwalk


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Google’s new AI-powered Chromebook 💻 🧠

    It unveiled the Chromebook Plus, with new generative AI tech.

  • Meta quietly releases Llama 2 Long 🥷🦙

    It’s a new version of its open-sourced LLM, Llama 2.

  • Humane’s AI chip debuts at Paris Fashion Week 🤖 👙

    Naomi Campbell wore it at Coperni’s 2024 Spring/Summer fashion show.


Google’s AI-powered Chromebook 💻 🧠

Google unveiled the Chromebook Plus. It’s a laptop for education that contains new generative AI tech… so what can it actually do that’s new?

1/ AI is integrated directly into ChromeOS and includes AI writing assistants, image generation capabilities, and generative video call backgrounds.

2/ The AI features on the Chromebook Plus are limited to adult users only (because no kid ever figured out how to get around a parental lock… right?)

3/ Available to buy October 8th. Price will start at $399.


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Meta stealthily unveils Llama 2 Long 🥷🦙

Meta released a paper on arXiv for Llama 2 long. It’s an improved version of the open-source Llama 2 (Meta’s ChatGPT competitor).

Sneaky, sneaky.

The slippery deets:

1/ Llama 2 Long outperforms GPT-3.5 (16,000 tokens) and Claude 2 (100,000 tokens) for long user prompts.

2/ The main difference is its Rotary Positional Embedding (RoPE) which gives the LLM its longer attention span.

Rotary what-now? All you need to know about RoPE is that it’s a technique that helps LLM’s figure out the most important parts of any text input to pay attention to. It’s been used by HuggingFace the RoPE paper first came out in 2022 and now Llama is using it too.

3/ It’s trained using data from the Llama 2 chat and it’s gotten better coding, math, language understanding, reasoning, and prompt answering capabilities.

Data-table for the nerds:

Our take: The AI community has responded well to this new model (Reddit, Twitter, Hacker News, and more), but Meta received some flak for calling its LLMs “open-source” in the past when it was originally only made available to specific researchers until leaked by 4Chan users.


Humane’s AI Pin at a fashion show 🤖 👙

Humane Inc. showcased its AI fashion statement: a pin with embedded artificial intelligence you can wear on your clothes. It made its debut at the Coperni’s 2024 Spring/Summer fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

Shake that AI.

Work it:

1/ Supermodel Naomi Campbell gave the first public display of the AI Pin on the runway.

2/ It doesn’t need to be paired to a smartphone and has optical recognition features, a laser-projected display, and more.

3/ More details to be revealed November 9.

Ooh, ahh.

Our take: Humane capitalized big time on the AI buzz for this chip. The details will purposefully be released on the day of an eclipse as well. The more buzz, the better, apparently.


Open source means no guardrails, apparently.



Think Evolve Consulting: Data Science as a Service — A dedicated virtual team of Data Scientists at your disposal for $1999/mo.

Think Pieces

Train AI to replace you and get paid for life. The pros and cons of this potential business model.

Have an AI startup? According to Adobe’s Chief Strategy officer, it’s probably already dead.

Who will win the AI wars? What Amazon and Anthropic’s partnership means for the future of AI infrastructure.

Startup News

AlphaSense is now valued at $2.5 billion. It’s an AI-powered market intelligence platform.

Tinder’s Ex-CEO gets $3.9 million in seed funding. Her new AI chatbot now has $5 million in funding.

French AI startup, Mistral AI, releases 7B token LLM. It’s free for anyone to use via an open-source license.


AnyMAL — a multimodal language model that integrates text with images, videos, audio, and motion sensor data.

RealFill — an inpainting method that completes missing regions of an image with content from reference images for more accurate results.

VQ-VAE — a paper that proposes Finite Scalar Quantization (FSQ) as a simpler alternative to Vector Quantization (VQ).


Verble — AI-powered tool for writing speeches.

StableDiffusionXL on Poe — Stability’s image model is now available for use on Poe.

Fill 3D — An AI-powered interior design tool with text-to-3D model capabilities for visualizing furniture, styles, and more in your space.

Colors AI — AI tool for analyzing customer feedback for product development.


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OpenAI’s CEO says he believes AI will eventually take over most of today’s jobs.

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