Whistle your way to a platinum single

MusicLM is an AI tool built by Google technology that uses text descriptions to generate high-fidelity music.

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Today we're talking about Google's latest research on generative music.

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  • Whistle your way to a platinum single 🎵

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  • Graph showing the plummeting cost to train AI 📉

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Whistle your way to a platinum single 🎵

Ever dreamt of a song you wished you were talented enough to bring to life?

MusicLM is an AI tool built by Google that uses text descriptions to generate high-fidelity music.

Notably, MusicLM can be conditioned on both text and a melody, allowing it to transform whistled and hummed melodies into a full composition according to the style described in a text caption.

Play with the demo yourself on the example page here.

To facilitate future research, the creators of MusicLM also released a dataset called MusicCaps, which includes 5.5k music-text pairs with detailed descriptions provided by human experts.

Anyone can now use this dataset to develop their own AI models and improve on these already amazing results.

Here's an example built on top of the same dataset.

Meet SingSong, an AI that takes an isolated vocal line and adds a mind-blowing backing track.

These innovative technologies have enormous potential for the music industry, artificial intelligence, and beyond.

Most of all, they reduce the barriers between ideas and creation.

🔮 Prediction: AI will significantly reduce the time and resources required to produce high-quality music resulting in more music being created and released at a faster pace.

💸 Business Idea #1: Garage Band 3.0 - Build a suite of AI-powered tools for music producers and composers to use in creating their music all in one place including generating tracks, editing, and style transfer to new genres.

💸 Business Idea #2: An AI-powered hype man - There will be an increased need for marketing and promotion services to help artists stand out in a crowded market. Capitalize on this trend by using AI tools to help identify and target the exact right audiences for each release.

The cost to train AI systems is plummeting

As this graph reveals, AI algorithms are getting dramatically cheaper to train.

The cost of training AI on ImageNet has decreased from over $1000 to just under $5 in just four years.

ImageNet is a dataset used as a benchmark to compare the performance of new AI models. 

Extend this graph out to 2025 and what was once cost-prohibitive for anyone but giant tech companies and advanced research labs becomes trivial for anyone with the technical know-how and a laptop.

As cool as the last several months of high-paced innovation have been, we likely ain't seen nothing yet compared with what's still to come.

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