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  • Naver unveiled its autonomous, in-house Starbucks.

Naver unveiled its autonomous, in-house Starbucks.

PLUS: Damaged packages, begone.

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  • Inject caffeine into my eyeballs, bot ☕️ 🫘

    Naver unveiled its autonomous, in-house Starbucks.

  • Tired of broken Amazon packages? 📦 🔥

    Amazon unveiled Project PI in North American warehouses.

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AI-powered caffeine addiction ☕️ 🫘

Two weeks ago, Naver unveiled its autonomous, in-house Starbucks. The South Korean tech company uses 100 robots to deliver coffee to its employees.

Un-frap-ping believable. ☕️🤭

What robots?

They’re autonomous robots called Rookie bots. They wheel around and deliver packages, coffee, lunch, and more to Naver’s employees.

How does it work?

The bots connect to Naver’s ARC system (AI, Robot, and Cloud). It connects and controls the robots’ interactions and movements.

Any other robots? Besides the trash can on wheels?

A two-armed robot called Ambidex washes dishes, peel potatoes, and more. It’s lightweight, which makes it safe to operate around humans.

Cool beans. ☕️🫘

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Tired of broken Amazon packages? 📦 🔥

On Monday, Amazon unveiled Project P.I. It’s an AI system that detects damage or errors on products before they ship out to customers.

How does it work?

Products pass through a tunnel, where Project P.I. scans for damage. If found, the item is isolated. It then checks for defects in similar items to find the cause of the problem.

What happens to the damaged items?

Employees evaluate the flagged products to determine if they can be sold via Amazon’s Second Change resell site, donated, and more.

Is Project PI in effect now?

Amazon claims it’s live in many North American warehouses and plans to add it to more later this year.

I’m damaged goods, PI. Did you detect me? 🫣


Cool Tool 🛠️

Your Everywhere and All-in-One AI Assistant

Imagine an AI companion that works across any website or app, helping you write better, read faster, and remember information. No more copying and pasting—everything is just one click away. Meet Flot AI!(Available on Windows and macOS)

Think Pieces 🧠

A robot that works autonomously (almost). 1X’s Eve humanoid robot has advanced in task chaining and integrates abilities into a single neural network.

Startup News 💰

Microsoft announced its $3.2 billion investment in Sweden. The goal is to fund its AI infrastructure, train 250,000 people, and its enhance data centers.

The estate of Ansel Adams accused Adobe of violating its own terms of service. Adobe Stock sold AI images as “Ansel Adams-style.”

Research 👨‍🔬

Kaleido Diffusion — a method that improves image diversity from text descriptions using autoregressive latent modeling.

Perplexed by Perplexity — explores using small language models to prune large text datasets for better performance of larger models.

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