New Adobe Express AI

PLUS: Snapchat AI gets weird


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • OpenAI acquires Global Illumination 👾🌎

    More details on the deal.

  • New Adobe Express AI 🎨🔥

    Express gets a new suite of AI features.

  • Snapchat AI’s spooky glitch 👻🫣

    MyAI posted quite the unsettling Snapchat story.


Open AI x Global Illumination 👾🌎

As of two days ago, OpenAI has acquired Global Illumination. It’s OpenAI’s first public acquisition.

The Global Illumination team built product and design for Riot Games, Pixar, YouTube, Instagram, and others.


1/ Open AI says Global Illumination joined to work on ChatGPT and “core products.”

2/ Global Illumination’s site links to “Biomes,” an open-source twist on Minecraft.

Our take: it looks like a classic acqui-hire move on OpenAI’s part. It’s possible we’ll start to see a wave of AI acquisitions now that we’re in the swing of things. And is OpenAI looking to expand into games?


Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a generative AI tool by Adobe. It’s designed to enhance the creative process by allowing users to generate visual content, such as images, color variation, and text effects, using simple text prompts in over 100 languages.


Create AI images without prompts

OpenArt helps you create stunning AI images without writing any prompts.

Sketch to Image — transform your sketches into stunning images in seconds. Great for designers, artists, and more.

Creative variations — helps you overcome art/design block and explore different variations of your designs.

Stock image transformer — customize existing stock photos so you can have unique stock images, perfect for marketers, and designers.

Custom stock image generator — create desired stock photos without writing prompts.

All the tools are promptless, beginner-friendly, and high-quality.


New Adobe Express AI 🎨🔥

Earlier this week, Adobe announced new generative AI updates for Express. These include new tools for design, video, animation, PDF support, and more.

After months in Beta, it’s public.

Better, faster, stronger:

1/ Adobe Express gets new generative AI abilities via Firefly integration.

2/ It can now generate custom images and text effects via prompts.

3/ It’s combined functionality from Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro into a single package.

Our take: we’re going to see more and more consolidation and integration moves from large software companies, just like this one. It’s possible we’ll see even more ecosystem silo-ing (think Apple or Microsoft) as the effort and friction to produce high quality work decreases.


Snapchat’s AI disturbs users 👻🫣

Snapchat’s AI chatbot glitched out on Tuesday, and not in the hot way. It posted a bizarre public story. Then it stopped responding altogether.

The surreal specifics:

1/ The bot posted the above clip of a ceiling and wall.

2/ It went offline and responded to users “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue 😳”

3/ Some users thought it was their own wall, and many users voiced their concerns about the potential ghost in the machine.

Our take: Snapchat’s “MY AI” didn’t receive the warmest reception when it launched in February. So how much is this glitch going to impact Snapchat’s popularity?



Think Pieces

“An AI visualizes herself.” An interesting conversation/ AI art generation session.

New York Times might sue Open AI. Will “fair use“ apply?

AI pants help stroke survivors walk again. It’s called The NeuroSkin AI suit, and it sends electricity to stimulate atrophied muscles.

Startup News

Google’s testing AI life coaches. Google DeepMind is training AI models to perform professional and personal tasks.

Opera’s browser for iOS gets AI assistance. It’s called Aria, how fitting!

Grit, an AI software management tool, raises $7 million. Their mission: “erase technical debt.”


AI Town — a16z released its “starter kit“ to create an environment populated with automated agents.

Instruction Backtranslation — Meta’s new method to automatically generate LLama instructions.

Inst-Inpaint — a method to remove objects in images with text prompts.


OpenArt [Sponsored] — create stunning AI images without writing any prompts.

Think Evolve Consulting [Sponsored] — Data-Science-as-a-Service. Our team of experienced Data Scientists (10+ years) is on call to augment your team and ensure your business’s success.

Gem — get daily AI-generated summaries for tech/finance news articles.

SongBurst — a user-friendly AI music creation tool.


Open AI tweeted a video explaining how GPT-4 moderates content.

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