New AI weather systems

PLUS: Anthropic's Claude 2 is here


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • $17 million for wildfire detection AI 🌲🔥

    Pano AI adds an extension to their existing series A.

  • AI disrupts the weather vane 🌦️

    Harder, better, faster, stronger — almost — than current weather prediction systems.

  • Claude 2 is here 🦾

    Anthropic’s new AI model is available in Beta in the US and UK.


Wildfire detection AI 🌲🔥

Pano detects wildfires with AI before they spread out of control.

What we assume Smokey the Bear is doing right now:

Pano AI monitors 6 million acres of land. In a recent incident in Oregon, it alerted firewatch an entire 14 minutes before 911 was called.

”We design the network of stations so that we can see fires from two stations. Next, we have out own proprietary algorithm where we triangulate and calculate the latitude and longitude that’s really critical because you don’t get this from your 911 call.”

- Sonia Kastner, CEO

Our take: You could say that this is a… breath of fresh air | slaps knee | ok, but seriously, with the recent fires in North America, you can say that again. AI Park Rangers next?



Numerical Weather Prediction uses statistical techniques to interpret data about the current state of the atmosphere and oceans, gathered from various sources such as satellites and weather balloons.

This information is then fed into sophisticated statistical models that simulate future weather conditions based on patterns and trends identified from historical weather data and the laws of physics.


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New AI weather systems 🌦️

“Wouldn’t you like to know, Weather Boy?”

Pangu-Weather and NowcastNet.

Developed by two separate teams in China, these AIs are more accurate, less CPU-intensive, and way faster than current systems.


1/ Designed to predict the weather a week in advance.

2/ Estimates temperature, wind speed, air pressure, etc.

3/ Doesn’t predict precipitation, yet — womp.


1/ Excels at predicting precipitation — with a six-hour resolution.

2/ Matches the accuracy of conventional systems, but it’s much faster.

Our take: Weather is the perfect application for AI. And the fact that AI is performing well at weather prediction completely plays into the meme that AI — is really just fancy black box statistics. It’s painstaking work to create accurate weather models from scratch, but the black box captures nuances and nth-order variables that traditional methods might miss — which should mean better accuracy over time.


Anthropic announces Claude 2 🦾

Anthropic announced Claude 2 is available in Beta. Its new text-generating AI model has rolled out in the US and UK.

Want to give it a spin? It’s available here and through the paid API.

What’s new?

1/ Claude 2 scores even higher on the bar exam and the Codex Human Level Python coding test.

2/ It's better at math, scoring 88% on a collection of grade-school-level problems.

3/ It's been trained on more recent data and is more "self-aware."

Cue the ‘Terminator’ theme.

Our take: Jasper and SourceGraph have already started using Claude 2. How will it perform against other Generative AI models? Should be interesting.



Think Pieces

Semianalysis post on GPT-4’s leaked architecture, etc. (Paywall) A theory: OpenAI is keeping GPT-4’s architecture a secret because it’s replicable. Not because it’s a risk to humanity.

UN’s AI vehicles could deliver food aid as early as next year. This has the potential to save humanitarian lives, as food aid delivery drivers are commonly targeted.

Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta. What it means for the future of AI regulation and legality.

Startup News

Alibaba releases an image-generating AI tool. It’s called “Tongyi Wanxiang.”

MasterCard develops new AI tools to prevent scams. It’s called Consumer Fraud Risk (CFR).


Anthropic’s official model card for Claude 2. How it handles various tasks and how it measures up against other models.

How LLMs use longer context. In-depth analysis of how LLMs act while answering multi-document questions and key-value retrieval, and more.

Using Edge AI for ‘Connected Intelligence’ in LLMs. Edge AI changes to meet users’ requirements and organizes data in a safe and efficient manner.

Tools [Sponsored] — automatically generate professional ads with a click. G2’s 2023 pick for one of the three fastest-growing products worldwide.

Makie — open-source library for Julia, the general-purpose programming language

Artify — an AI tool for generating many types of AI art. — book meetings, chat sessions, and more with AI.


There was an alleged leak of GPT-4’s architecture, infrastructure, costs, and other sensitive details. Yam Peleg posted about it and received this message about copyright issues.

Someone posted Yam’s original post on Pastebin.

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