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PLUS: Roblox's new AI features


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • The 100 most influential people in AI 🤴 🤖

    Time Magazine released a top 100 list of AI VIPs.

  • NVIDIA’s shiny, new AI library 👩‍🏫 📚

    It released TensorRT-LLM, an open-source library to build LLMs.

  • Roblox’s new AI features 👾 🎯

    Roblox announced a new AI assistant, avatar creation tools, and more.


Top 100 AI peeps 🤴 🤖

Time released its 2023 TIME 100 AI list. A list of the top 100 most influential people in AI.

And how did they arrive at these particular 100? Nomination by industry leaders and experts.

An AI representative democracy popularity contest.

Hot gossip:

1/ The list includes CEOs, founders, and co-founders from major AI companies like Elon Musk of xAI, Sam Altman of OpenAI, etc.

2/ It spans from 18-year-old Sneha Revanur of Encode Justice to 76-year-old Geoffrey Hinton, “The Godfather of AI.”

3/ It includes creatives like musicians Grimes and Holly Herndon, science fiction writer Ted Chiang, and artist Linda Dounia Rebeiz.

Our take: As with all top 100 lists, people are outraged that big names got left out — notably, Andrej Karpathy, Ilya Sutskever, and many others didn’t make the list. Maybe next year.



The number of operations or tasks that a system can process in a given period of time. It’s a measure of an AI system’s efficiency and speed in handling data or tasks.


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NVIDIA’s new open-source library 🏛️ 👩‍🏫

NVIDIA launched TensorRT-LLM. It’s an open-source library to optimize LLMs that use NVIDIA Tensor Core GPUs.


Early access is now available for registered developers. Click here to apply.

NVIDIA developed TensorRT-LLM in collaboration with Meta, Grammarly, and Cohere.

Book notes:

1/ It leverages NVIDIA’s newest GPUs to increase LLM throughput and reduce compute costs.

2/ It comes preloaded with optimized versions of Meta’s Llama2, OpenAI’s GPT-3, Falcon, etc.

3/ When paired with NVIDIA’s H100, TensorRT-LLM performs 8x better at article summarization and similar tasks than the A100.

Our take: AI tools come out every day, but this library’s adaptability to both new models and pre-optimized versions of previous models is a pretty big deal. It could mean even faster deployment of LLMs across a huge swath of industries.

But will it be as groundbreaking as it claims to be? We’ll have to see.


Roblox’s new AI features 👾 🎯

Roblox announced several AI updates at its Developer Conference. The features include AI-powered Avatars, creator tools, an AI assistant, etc.

Game on.

Easter eggs:

1/ Roblox unveiled AI tools to allow users to create avatars from images and text prompts.

2/ Avatars now use AI to simulate users’ facial expressions and body language.

3/ Users can now access an AI assistant that helps them learn, code, and build games more effectively.

4/ After this initial testing stage, AI voice moderation will also analyze word choice, tone, etc., to identify inappropriate behavior.

Our take: AI offers more immersion, and games that don’t take advantage of it will bite the dust. AI-powered avatars add depth to virtual characters and shrink the gap between reality and the virtual world.



Think Pieces

Do artists support generative AI? Lots of naysayers indeed, but this group of artists wrote an open letter to Congress arguing the benefits of AI in art.

What does it take to build long-lasting AI tools for businesses? An in-depth look at building enterprise AI.

Where LLMs fall short. The pitfalls and limitations of LLMs, including the black box problem and hallucinations.

Startup News

NVIDIA and Reliance partner up. The goal is to build AI infrastructure for even more AI computing resources.

Adept has open-sourced Persimmon-8B. It’s a permissively licensed language model with 10 billion parameters.

Brand Engagement Network goes public. It’s an AI startup that creates humanlike, conversational AI models.


MedPerf — an open, federated platform for benchmarking medical AI models.

Doppelgangers Dataset — contains labeled image pairs to tackle problems with visual disambiguation.

OPRO — a new method that leverages natural language prompts to optimize LLMs.


Gamma.ai [Sponsored] — create beautiful presentations quickly and easily with AI.

Charmed — AI-powered 3D game texture creation and game development tool.

Superquiz — A quiz creator with multiplayer capabilities.

JoyAI — tooling for Salesforce that features AI assistants, apps, co-pilots, and plugins.


Jim Fan, NVIDIA Research Scientist, retweeted an AI-powered robot that builds Legos from a manual.

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