OpenAI kills AI Classifier

PLUS: SoftBank's AI Warehouses


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  • Bing’s AI in Chrome and Safari? 🔎

    Microsoft is testing Bing Chat in non-Microsoft browsers.

  • OpenAI kills AI Classifier 🔪🩸😵

    OpenAI dispatched its AI sniffer — silently.

  • AI-powered warehouses 🤖 

    SoftBank and Symbotic team up to create an AI-powerd warehouse-as-a-service.


Bing AI for Chrome and Safari 🔎

Microsoft is testing its chatbot in non-Microsoft browsers. Initially, Bing Chat was only available in the Microsoft ecosystem e.g. Microsoft Edge & the Bing mobile app.

Wait, people actually use Edge?

But it’s not available to everyone yet. We couldn’t access it via Chrome or Safari.

The scoop:

1/ Microsoft indeed plans to move to other browsers.

2/ Bing Chat is powered by GPT-4.

3/ Dark mode also on the way.

4/ Reported issues: 5 message allotments and a 2000-character count.

Our take: It’s not surprising that Microsoft is looking to get Bing Chat into other browsers. For a while, it was a toss-up: they held, and still hold, several strong distribution cards in their hand. But it’s looking like it wasn’t enough to get the masses to switch browsers to Edge, just to take advantage of the new AI features.

By far the most useful thing about Bing Chat is the Visual Search feature. You can upload photos and ask questions about it. Having it built directly into the browser is clutch — when it works everywhere, that is.



In AI, watermarking is a technique that can be used to embed a unique identifying pattern or information into a trained model.

Sometimes it’s done intentionally, as a way to prove ownership or authenticity. Most of the time, however, the AI watermark is an artifact of the model — a tell that the content is AI-generated.


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OpenAI kills AI Classifier 🔪🩸😵

Get the bleach.

Source: OpenAI

OpenAI silently disabled its AI detection tool. And they did it quietly, too: they simply added a note to the original launch post.

We tried the link, just to be certain.

It’s dead, dead.

“As of July 20, 2023, the AI classifier is no longer available due to its low rate of accuracy. We are working to incorporate feedback and are currently researching more effective provenance techniques for text, and have made a commitment to develop and deploy mechanisms that enable users to understand if audio or visual content is AI-generated.”

- OpenAI

Our take: Good riddance. The thing claimed the US Declaration of Independence was AI-generated.

But why the secrecy? A perfect opportunity to build credibility and trust by publicly admitting their tool wasn’t up to snuff.


AI-powered warehouses 🤖🏢

Watch your 6, Bezos.

Softbank and Symbotic have teamed up to build AI warehouses. The joint venture’s called GreenBox Systems.

GreenBox will buy $7.5 billion of Symbotic’s AI systems in the next 6 years.

The juice:

1/ Greenbox operates on a warehouse-as-a-service model.

3/ SoftBank and Symbotic are investing $100 million to create GreenBox.

4/ Symbotic expects more than $500 million revenue annually from GreenBox.

Our take: After SoftBank’s epic $140 billion loss from AI investments, it’ll be interesting to see how this joint venture turns out. It can’t get much worse, can it?



Think Pieces

AI’s big winners are all huddled in these 4 states: California, New York, Texas, and Massachusetts.

ChatGPT and its effect on the job market. How LLMs have changed the world of work and what’s ahead.

Will AI replace you? No, but it will make you work harder. It’ll “squeeze“ more out of you.

Startup News

Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin is back on the field. He’s playing an active role in hiring to accelerate Google’s AI efforts.

OpenAI’s CEO launches “Worldcoin.“ A new type of crypto, tied to your biological human identity.

Google’s Geoffrey Hinton, the Godfather of AI, claims it will have “feelings.“ He says it will develop emotions, and maybe already has.


RecallM — a new method to improve long-term memory in LLMs.

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ChatGPT for Android can be downloaded. Noice. We thought it might take a bit longer…

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