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TODAY: The robots have learned to browse the web!

Unpaid interns are so last decade. It's 2022 and we get our free labor from robots now.

It's called ACT-1.

You type a request, ACT-1 does the rest, browsing any web page to find the information you're looking for.

Here it is in action searching Redfin for 4 person homes in Houston with a $600,000 budget:

That's an AI researching homes for you based on a plain text prompt! Incredible 😳

It's your new personal assistant who never sleeps and can process hundreds of parallel requests.

Any multi-step task in your web browser just became a one-step task: tell your robot friend to do it for you.

Your next unicorn startup:

  • AI-powered research firm. 10x efficiency with minimal human oversight.

  • Scraping just got way easier. X-paths? CSS Selectors? If you know what those words mean then you've wasted your time. This AI figures out how to grab data for you.

  • Cheap done-for-you replaces free DIY. Airbnb and Google Flights replaced the vacation planner, but what happens when a vacation planner costs $50 instead of $500? It's possible if software does the heavy lifting.

Gear-Eye for a Fashion-AI

Karen X. Cheng blew our minds with an incredible generated fashion demo:

Tools used:

DALL-E imagines new outfits as a single still image.

EbSynth applies style transformation to a video.

The pipeline:

Human erases the part of the image she wants to replace. DALL-E fills the gaps with a new outfit. EbSynth animates the new outfit by combining the generated image with the original video.

What's DALL-E?

An AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. It can also edit an existing image by replacing existing objects or adding new ones.

What's EbSynth?

An AI system that can transform a live action video into an animated one or automatically replace parts of a video.

Here's a how-to video by Joel Haver who grew his YouTube Channel to 1.6 million subscribers using EbSynth-generated animation:

video preview

What it means:

  • The next fashion show you watch might be filled with AI-generated outfits.

  • The next fashion show you watch might have never taken place, with models replaced by both AI-generated outfits AND an AI-generated catwalk.

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