Salesforce's new AI platform

PLUS: 8 more giants commit to AI safety


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • ChatGPT solves 3-year medical mystery 🤖 🏥
    Mother uses ChatGPT to diagnose son after seeing 17 doctors.

  • Salesforce’s new AI platform and tools 🤓 🧠

    It reveals Einstein 1 Studio, Einstein Copilot, and Einstein Copilot Studio.

  • 8 more companies join The White House’s AI pact 🫡 🚨

    The list includes Adobe, Cohere, IBM, NVIDIA, Palantir, and more.


ChatGPT beats 17 doctors 🤖 🏥

A boy’s mother used ChatGPT to diagnose his illness. After seeing 17 doctors, ChatGPT correctly suggested it was tethered cord syndrome.

Thanks a lot, doc.

The deets:

1/ A young boy named Alex experienced chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms for over three years.

2/ His condition was undiagnosed after seeing 17 different doctors.

3/ Alex’s mother, Courtney, put all his medical information in ChatGPT. It suggested a diagnosis of tethered cord syndrome.

4/ Alex underwent surgery for his condition and is currently in recovery.

Our take: Stories like this are increasingly more common. In August, researchers enabled a woman to “speak” for the first time in 18 years with an AI-powered avatar.


Einstein Copilot

An AI-powered tool developed by Salesforce, leveraging their Einstein GPT large language model trained on specialized datasets.

It is designed to comprehend intricate queries, deliver precise responses, and facilitate task automation.


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Salesforce’s new AI platform 🤓

Salesforce introduced its new Einstein 1 platform. Big news for Salesforce users, skip this story if that’s not you.

Smart move, Einstein.

It also introduced Einstein Copilot, a new AI assistant, and Einstein Copilot Studio, an AI-powered development tool.

Salesforce plans a staggered release for these updates. Einstein Copilot is in the testing phase and Copilot Studio is set to launch this fall.

The goodies:

1/ Einstein 1 Platform: It integrates Einstein AI and Data Cloud with Salesforce’s CRM applications.

2/ Einstein Copilot: It offers suggestions in real time based on customer data.

3/ Einstein Copilot Studio: It allows you to tailor Einstein Copilot using low-code tools and deploy AI across websites, messaging apps, and more.

Our take: AI tools are good. Customizable AI tools are better. The real test with these, as well as all AI applications, is real-world application. Is it all that and a bag of chips? Seems like it, but time will tell.

Salesforce expanded its partnership with Databricks on September 11.


More giants commit to AI safety 🫡 🚨

The White House brokered a safety agreement between the top AI firms in AI in July. More info, here.

Yesterday, it announced 8 more companies that joined the list. Here’s the official announcement.

“I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.” 🧙‍♂️

The juice:

1/ In July, 7 companies agreed to The White House’s voluntary AI safety commitment.

2/ Adobe, Cohere, IBM, NVIDIA, Palantir, Salesforce, Scale AI, and Stability agreed yesterday.

3/ The voluntary measures are temporary until more formal regulations are put in place.

Our take: The punishment for breaking this agreement? Still nothing. While this approach seems laughable, it’s better than nothing. Balancing AI innovation with governance is a daunting task. Fewer regulations mean more progress, but increased risk.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”



Think Pieces

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Microsoft announced AI legal protection. It will cover the costs of customers sued for copyright breaches from its AI-generated content.

RunwayML and Pika Labs announce new AI features. The newbies include camera control for AI-generated video, image animation, and more.


Medusa — a simple, user-friendly framework that accelerates LLM outputs by adding additional decoding heads.

From Sparse to Dense — a paper on balancing informativeness and readability in text summarization.

TRAvatar — a framework to capture high-fidelity 3D avatars in a large array of lighting conditions.


AI Score My Site — an AI-powered SEO auditor for your site.

Feng My Shui — use multiple text-to-image models simultaneously.

Essay Builder AI — an AI-powered tool for generating essays.

Mavy — an AI-powered executive assistant that assists with scheduling tasks, calendar management, and more.


NVIDIA AI research scientist, Jim Fan, shares a paper about “smelly” AI.

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