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  • South Korean company will create an AI clone of your Grandma

South Korean company will create an AI clone of your Grandma

Plus: Facebook announces LLaMA, GPT-3 alternative

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Last week Facebook announced some bombshell news, AI stormed the gates of Amazon, and your recently deceased Grandma (may she rest in peace) just popped by to say hello.

Here’s what’s up in the world of Artificial Intelligence:

  • A South Korean company clones your dead relatives with AI 👵

  • AI-wars expand as Facebook announces LLaMA, GPT-3 alternative 🪖

  • Corporate investment in AI explodes 📈

  • Amazon is overrun with books written by AI 📚

South Korean company clones your Grandma with AI 👵

A company from South Korea called Deepbrain is offering a service to clone your loved ones as AI avatars.

Over a seven-hour-long interview, they interview the person to be cloned while collecting video, audio, and stories from their life. That data is used to create a virtual avatar you can talk to even after they die.

And they’re not the only company attempting to bring Grandma back from beyond the grave, Los Angeles-based competitor StoryFile offers a similar service and includes a demo of a virtual William Shatner you can “talk” to on their homepage.

Our take: Simulating our loved ones is a great way to keep therapists in business. This tech belongs in an immersive museum, not a wake.

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Facebook announces LLaMA, GPT-3 alternative 🪖

Meta AI (aka Facebook) just announced their GPT-3 alternative, and claims it "outperforms GPT-3 on most benchmarks".

Here is one comparison taken from the research paper comparing LLaMA to other large-language models on several “common-sense” benchmarks. Bigger number = the winner for a given benchmark:

LLaMA clearly pulls ahead of the competition in the majority of these tests.

At least for now, there are no publicly available clients like ChatGPT available to try it out for yourself. The model is only available to researchers, and all researchers must apply for access.

Here’s an example conversation with LLaMA:

Write a shouting match between Julius Caesar and Napoleon

Of course! Here is a conversation between Julius Caesar and Napoleon:

Julius Caesar: You’re nothing but a glory hound, Napoleon. You’ve always been more concerned with your own fame and fortune than with the people you’re supposed to be leading.

Napoleon: And what about you, Caesar? You’re no better than I am. At least I’m honest about my ambitions. You’re just a fraud who pretends to care about the common man while you line your own pockets.

Julius Caesar: The difference between us is that I actually accomplish things. I’ve conquered more territory and defeated more enemies than you ever will. And I did it all for Rome, not for myself.

Napoleon: Oh, please. You only care about yourself. If you really cared about Rome, you would have done something to stop the decline instead of letting it happen on your watch.

Julius Caesar: The decline of Rome is not my fault. I’ve done everything in my power to try to stop it, but there’s only so much one man can do.

Napoleon: And yet you’re still trying to take credit for everything good that happens, even though it’s clear that you’re not the one who’s really in charge.

Julius Caesar: That’s not true! I am in charge, and I’m going to make Rome great again. Just watch me.

Napoleon: I’ll believe it when I see it.

Meta AI, LLaMA

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