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  • Stability AI launched Stable Artisan on Discord

Stability AI launched Stable Artisan on Discord

PLUS: AI warfare systems?

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Good morning, human brains, and welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Stability stole Midjourney’s moves 🤖 🪞

    It launched Stable Artisan on Discord.

  • AI combats electromagnetic threats ⚡️ 🚨

    Pulsar is a family of AI-powered electromagnetic warfare systems.

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Stability copied Midjourney 🤖 🪞

It allows you to use Stable Diffusion 3 to generate images and Stable Video Diffusion to generate videos.

Better call Larry the… Stable Guy. 🤭

What is Stable Artisan?

It’s a bot for Discord that enables you to use Stability AI’s image and video models. It offers editing tools like Search and Replace, Remove Background, Creative Upscale, and Outpainting.

Why Discord?

Stability claims it was developed in response to frequent requests for its models on Discord. Its rival, Midjourney, has offered its models on a Discord bot since 2022.

Wonder how they’re… stealing with it. 🦹‍♂️

What can it do?

Here’s a list of Stable Artisan’s features:

  • Search and Replace: Replaces objects in images with simple language prompts.

  • Remove Background: Eliminates the background while keeping the main subjects intact.

  • Creative Upscale: Enhances low-quality images up to 4K resolution.

  • Outpainting: Adds content to images and expands them in any direction.

  • Control Sketch: Converts rough sketches into detailed, high-quality images.

  • Control Structure: Generates images that preserve the original structure of the input.

Sweet. How much does it cost?

The standard plan is $9 for 900 credits a month. The premium plan $99 for 1,200 credits a month.

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AI counters electromagnetic threats ⚡️ 🚨

It’s a suite of AI-driven electromagnetic warfare systems (EWS).

Electromagnetic warfare systems?

Yupp. Pulsar comes in two versions: Pulsar V (vehicle-mounted) and Pulsar A (aerial drone-based). It’s designed to identify and counter EW threats.

"Pulsar enables warfighters to counter state and non-state actors employing EW capabilities integrated with other advanced technological systems operating across the electromagnetic spectrum and cyberspace domain."

— Sam El-Akkad, Anduril’s General Manager of RF/EW Systems

How does it work?

It combines software-defined radios, GPUs, and advanced computing into a versatile, compact system that quickly adapts to new threats. It provides electronic countermeasures, support, electronic attacks, geolocation, and more.

What’s an electrician’s favorite ice cream? Shock-a-lot 🍨⚡️


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Now, onto the daily munch. 🤗


Think Pieces 🧠

Robot dogs with guns? Ghost Robotics developed AI-armed robotic dogs that are being evaluated by U.S. Marines for military use.

Training AI models by making them play games against themselves? Researchers use game theory to improve their consistency and accuracy.

Startup News 💰

Microsoft announced upcoming features for Copilot. It’s rolling out auto-complete, summarize, rewrite, and more tools in Copilot for Microsoft 365.

2 OpenAI safety researchers quit. They claim it’s due to concerns about the company's approach to AGI’s safety and governance.

Research 👨‍🔬

MaGGIe — a framework that predicts alpha mattes for human instances in images and videos, ensuring precision, consistency, and efficient computing.

DOCCI — provides detailed, human-annotated descriptions of images, aimed at improving the precision of text-to-image and image-to-text generation models.

Ag2Manip — enables robots to learn and perform novel manipulation tasks without needing domain-specific demonstrations.



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