Stability's open-source audio generation model

PLUS: Dogs train AI


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Stability’s new song generator 🎧 🎶

    It launched an open-source song/sound effect model.

  • AI analyzes dogs 🐕 🔍

    It predicts dogs’ breed, gender, and more with 70% accuracy.

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Stability’s new song generator 🎧 🎶

Last week, Stability AI released Stable Audio Open. It’s an open-source audio model that creates song and sound effects.

I don’t lightly interfere; I heavy metal. 🎸

What can I do with it?

It’s a text-to-audio model you can use to make audio up to 47 seconds long. You can make drum tracks, guitar riffs, ambient noises and sound effects for videos. You can also edit existing songs, apply different styles to them, and more.

It’s open-source?

Yes, but it can’t be used for commercial purposes.

“A key benefit of this open source release is that users can fine-tune the model on their own custom audio data. For example, a drummer could fine-tune on samples of their own drum recordings to generate new beats.“

— Stability AI

How do I use it?

Help me, I’m in treble. 🎼

Get paid to learn LLM training

Become an AI trainer, provide feedback on AI-generated responses, and help us build better and safer models.


The ulti-mutt study 🐕 🔍

He won’t bring the ball back. It’s too far-fetched. 🐶 🎾

What’s the point?

The goal is to see if AI could identify a dog’s age, breed, gender, and more based on its sounds. It also analyzed if the dog was happy, angry, playful, and more.

How did they use AI?

They took noises from 74 dogs and fed the data to an AI model that analyzes humans voices. They fine-tuned it specifically for the dogs’ sounds.

Did it work?

The model identified the breed, gender, emotional state, and more from a dog’s bark with achieved a 70% accuracy rate.

Will we be able to talk to dogs soon? Anything is paws-ible. 🐶 🐾


Cool Tool 🛠️

All-in-One Brand Management tool. Create stunning websites & emails. Drag-and-drop; no coding is required.

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Think Pieces 🧠

Princeton’s AI research enhances the performance of Fusion Reactors. It manages edge instabilities in fusion reactors, which speeds up the process.

Startup News 💰

Elon Musk dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI. The original lawsuit claimed OpenAI abandoned its mission and breaching an agreement.

Microsoft announced changes to its Recall feature. Due to criticism about privacy, it’s now opt-in, require biometric authentication, and more.

Research 👨‍🔬

CRAG — a benchmark with 4,409 diverse QA pairs that refines RAG systems by addressing real-world challenges like dynamic data and entity popularity.

GenAI Arena — allows you to evaluate and compare generative models for text-to-image, text-to-video, and image editing tasks.


Here’s Massimo. 🐶

“Don’t wake him.”

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