Toyota's new AI robotaxis

PLUS: Google Search's new AI tool


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • GPTBot is here 🫵👹

    OpenAI launched a new web crawler to “help AI models.”

  • Toyota plans to mass produce robotaxis 🚗

    They’ve partnered with to manufacture them in China.

  • Google Search gets an AI grammar check tool 🕵️

    Include “grammar check” in search queries to activate it.


OpenAI’s new GPTBot 🫵👹

OpenAI launched GPTBot. It’s a web crawler that collects data to improve AI models.

Google & Bing ain’t the only game in town now.

To disable GPTBot on your site:

Creepy crawlies:

1/ OpenAI claims the crawled web pages filter out sources that violate its policies.

2/ It doesn’t harvest personally identifiable information (PII) or use paywalled sources. Allegedly.

3/ Site owners can limit GPTBot’s access partially or entirely, by adding the above text to your site’s robots.txt file.

Our take: OpenAI’s been hush-hush about GPT-5. Is this bot’s purpose to amass even more training data for the GPT-4 sequel?



Also known as robo-taxi, self-driving taxi, or driverless taxi. It’s an autonomous car with an SAE automation level of 4 or 5.

Level 4 is “high driving automation” when a vehicle can self-drive in some locations/conditions, but still requires human involvement.

Level 5 is “full driving automation” when a vehicle can drive in all locations/conditions without humans.


“I love it when my content marketing is disorganized”

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Toyota’s robotaxis 🚕

They’re kicking off the new venture with $139 million from GAC Toyota Motor Co. — the joint entity shared split between Toyota China and GAC (Chinese state-owned manufacturer).

There’s some controversy surrounding Pony, though. They’ve had their fair share of executive firings and employees stealing trade secrets to start their own autonomous trucking company, Qingtian Truck.

But they seemed to have brushed it off — they’re claiming a worth $8.5 billion.

Hope it goes smoothly this time…

Beep, beep:

1/ Toyota and (autonomous-driving tech co) are collaborating to produce robotaxis in China.

2/ Toyota supplies the EVs, while Pony’s equips them with self-driving tech.

3/ With the EVs, plans to create a “robotaxi network platform.“

Uber, but with vertical integration?

“The Chinese market is growing at an unprecendented pace. Toyota will also work together as a group to reform how we work & think to survive in China.”

-Tatsuro Ueda, Toyota China CEO

Our take: Last month, Toyota began the development of “smart cockpits” for the Chinese market. As San Francisco hesitates on autonomous-driving technology from Tesla and others, China’s doubling down.


Google Search’s AI grammar tool 🕵️

Google adds an AI grammar checker to Search. It’s only available in English for now.

Here’s a screenshot:

Check this:

1/ To use it, include “grammar check,” “check grammar,” or “grammar checker” in your search.

3/ Grammatically correct sentences get a green check, but ones with errors get bolded and underlined.

4/ It isn’t 100% accurate or fully functional yet.

Our take: The search bar elves deciphering misspelled search queries have breathed a collective, audible sigh of relief. Google’s going ham on AI features. Last week, they made a set of Search updates too.

Keep ‘em coming, we’re here for it.



Think Pieces

Will ChatGPT create bio-terrorists? Not directly, but it could significantly lower the barrier to entry.

DeepFake speech fools ¼ of study participants. University College London research study in English and Mandarin.

AI wrongfully arrests an 8-month pregnant woman. Detroit Police used AI-powered facial recognition software to wrongfully arrest Porcha Woodruff for robbery and carjacking. Yikes.

Startup News

Meta fires ground-breaking protein-folding team. Wasn’t raking in as much money as their ad business, we presume?

Tim Cook claims Apple makes as much AI tech as anyone. He says AI forms the core of each product.

Salesforce launched Einstein Studio. It allows users to combine AI models with Salesforce’s Data Cloud.


CDM (Compartmentalized Diffusion Models). How to train separate models with distinct data sources to compose them at inference time.

Camera app to capture foreground and background blur effects. A proposal covering details and its feasibility.

14 different LLMs’ political biases. MIT Technology Review article covering where different models fall on the political scale.


ChapaGPT [Sponsored] — turbocharge your Chrome browsing experience with the power of AI! Summarize content, understand context, create tailored prompts, and take your online experience to new heights.

Stori AI — AI-powered on-brand content creation.

Chatter — create, test, and collaborate on LLMs.

Modyfi — AI-powered image editing.


Elon Musk’s AI-powered brain chip company has secured the bag:

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