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  • Turn anything you write into a movie 🎥 

  • It just got exponentially cheaper to train new bots 📉

  • What happens if you give GPT-4 money? 💸


Text-to-Video: The Next Generation

Remember last month when we wrote about research showing how text could be turned into video using stable diffusion?

At the time there was no way to actually use the tech yourself.

Today? You’ve got options.

ModelScope is a new open-source text-to-image generator. That first link is in Chinese, if you just want to play with the model directly, use the Hugging Face demo link here.

During our testing it was difficult to get the demo to generate images, so you may need to create a Hugging Face account and duplicate the project yourself in order to get any results.

If that sounds a little too technical for you, then check out option two… Runway Gen 2—the second generation of the commercial text-to-video generator which just launched this morning.

Runway offers a full editing suite in your browser that directly integrates AI tools such as text-to-video generation, green-screening, and frame interpolation (turning a sequence of still images into a seamless video).

Our take: These are some of the most powerful tools put in the hands of individual creators since the invention of the camcorder—and they’re getting better fast.

If you’ve ever wanted to create movies, animation, YouTube videos, or any other kind of content, this is an amazing time to start.


Go To Market for startups. Backed with data.

Crowdtamers is the “how do I grow?” agency that’s launched a dozen startups to more than $1 Million ARR.

Validate your ideal customer, prove your marketing, and create a $1 million dollar marketing machine in 9 weeks.

CrowdTamers uses quantifiable tests to figure out exactly what your startup needs to do to grow to $1MM ARR and beyond.


Train your own GPT for $100

In 2020 it cost OpenAI approximately $4.5 million dollars to build and train GPT-3.

In 2022 it cost around $450,000 to create a similarly powerful model.

As of last week? It can now be done for a couple hundred.

ARK Invest underestimated the rate of progress by a decade.

Stanford researchers used a relatively weak version of LLaMA (The GPT-competitive bot developed by Facebook) and trained it using the GPT-3 API in order to get a new model, almost as powerful as GPT-3, for pennies on the dollar.

Alpaca uses GPT in place of humans to refine their model.

Why does it matter?

This is like going from mainframe computers to laptops in less than a year.

“Alpaca behaves qualitatively similarly to OpenAI’s text-davinci-003, while being surprisingly small and easy/cheap to reproduce (<600$).”

Alpaca: A Strong, Replicable Instruction-Following Model

These models were supposed to be hugely expensive to train. Only nation-states and big companies were supposed to be able to create them for at least the next few years.

Well, it didn’t take years. It took weeks.


Think Piece

Large language models like ChatGPT are now big enough that they’ve started to display startling, unpredictable behaviors.

Startup News

BritGPT: UK government drops 900M Pounds on a supercomputer to build out GPT clone.

Humane: startup building a device & services platform for AI raises $100m in Series C round.

Worldcoin: startup co-founded by Sam Altman is betting the next big thing in AI is proving you are human.


ARK Invest predictions for 2023— the forecast of a billion-dollar investment fund (already shown to be underestimating the rate of progress.)

Artificial intelligence for artificial materials— using a neural network to invent quantum materials with designer properties.

Better MRI scans using AI— Different MRI machines give slightly different results. What if we used AI to harmonize them?


Shakespeare: The AI-powered toolbar bringing the power of GPT to your browser.

Milo: AI that keeps your family running so you can focus on love, not logistics.


Last week @jacksonfall gave GPT-4 $100 and told it to make as much money as possible—cut to a few days later and HustleGPT launched an e-commerce brand, hired interns, and raised money from venture capitalists.

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