Volkswagen's self-driving cars

PLUS: Adobe's AI crackdown


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter upgrade 🤓

    ChatGPT’s plugin analyzes data, creates graphs, edits files & more.

  • Volkswagen tests self-driving cars 🚗

    Volkswagen partners with Mobileye to test autonomous vehicles.

  • Adobe cracks down on AI usage

    A whole regulatory team and a company-wide push to limit it.


ChatGPT Code Interpreter is here 🤓

OpenAI’s rolling out Code Interpreter for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The plugin analyzes data, creates visuals (like charts and graphs), creates QR codes, edits files, and more.

The old 2+2=fish LLM Achilles heel — vanquished?

The tune-up gives GPT-4 a problem-solving toolbox, the ability to write sophisticated Python code, a memory capable of uploading files as large as 100MB — basically, it looks a lot more capable in the hard sciences.

According to OpenAI, it’ll be available this week. Once it’s live, users can enable it under profile settings.

Hello, unofficial ChatGPT 5.

Our take: Take the hype with a grain of salt — this isn’t going to make data scientists obsolete, but it’ll likely be a big boost for non-technical users. Jury’s still out, but it seems like ChatGPT just got a serious upgrade.



Founded in 1999, Mobileye develops vision-based driver assistance and autonomous driving systems to improve car safety. It’s the market leader in autonomous driving enablement.

Intel acquired Mobileye in 2017 for $15.3 billion dollars.


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Volkswagen tests self-driving cars 🚗

Volkswagen has partnered with Mobileye to start an autonomous vehicle test program. The program features 10 electric vehicles in Austin, TX.

It’s electric, boogie woogie woogie.

What’s fresh? Specifically: the autonomous driving aspect. Many cars today have vision-based intelligence, and Mobileye has been in vehicle vision systems since the turn of the century. Their core business is selling their hardware+software platform vision systems to car manufacturers — loaded with AI to process camera and LIDAR.

Volkswagen ADMT, a new subsidiary of Volkswagen proper, will lead the charge in their US autonomous driving program. They plan to launch commercial operations in Austin by 2026.

Human safety operators will be behind the wheel during testing, with Mobileye AI chips doing the heavy lifting.

Our take: Tesla makes the headlines, but Mobileye accounts for a huge portion of the self-driving tech we’re already used to — like driver assist and the intelligent use of safety cameras. And Mobileye is gathering driving data just like Tesla. Big auto + Mobileye beating Tesla to the self-driving punch would be quite the twist.


Adobe limits employees’ AI usage

Adobe’s curtailing AI use by employees. Chief Information Officer Cindy Stoddard is urging workers to avoid using personal emails and corporate credit cards when using AI tools.

It’s all according to a leaked email according to Business Insider.

Adobe has not yet responded.

“As employees, it’s your responsibility to protect Adobe and our customers’ data and not use generative AI in a way that harms or risks Adobe’s business, customers, or employees.“

- Cindy Stoddard, Adobe’s Chief Information Officer.

Firefly and Generative Fill for all. Except you, employee.

The same email also shared there’s a new group at Adobe for regulating the rules for AI use.

Our take: Adobe isn’t exactly the first to do something like this. Amazon, Alphabet, Samsung, Apple, and others have issued similar policies. What is true: we’re in uncharted waters, and it’s a matter of when — not if — the first big breach in AI happens. There’s also the intellectual property side of security to consider…



Think Pieces

ChatGPT outperforms investment experts. ChatGPT passed the largest hedge fund’s investing test and was in the 80th percentile.

ChatGPT ranks top 1% in creative thinking tests. It passed the University of Montana’s Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking with flying colors.

Nadine, the AI robot, outperforms human caregivers. Robots just don’t have the same limitations as humans — they’re always there and don’t need to sleep.

Startup News

OpenAI releases GPT-4’s API. They also plan to retire older models in early 2024.

DigitalOcean purchases Paperspace for $111 Million. The cloud hosting platform and the cloud computing + AI startup join forces.

Lightning Labs unveils Bitcoin trading AI tools. Users can leverage ChatGPT to hold, send, and receive Bitcoin.


Stanford Researchers pioneer the “curious replay“ training method. This enhances AI’s adaptability, similarly to how mice explore new environments.

The Pentagon’s testing AI’s war response. Testing was successful, but it’s not quite ready — according to Air Force Colonel Matthew Strohmeyer.

HIPIE performs segmentation tasks at different granularity levels. This GitHub repo goes in-depth on HIPIE, which stands for Hierarchical, open-vocabulary, and universal image segmentation. The different granularity levels include whole, part, and sub-part.

Tools [Sponsored] — ask questions and get answers about any file instantly.

BrewNote — automatically takes quick, high-quality notes for user interviews. — create hyper-realistic text-to-video generations with AI avatars.

FlutterFlow — AI-powered app builder.


OpenAI’s official tweet announcing Code Interpreter and showing off its QR generation abilities.

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