YouTube's Music AI Incubator

PLUS: China blasts AI into space


Good morning, human brains. Welcome back to your daily munch of AI news.

Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • DeepMind’s new AI art project 🧠 🖼️

    Google DeepMind launched ‘Visualising AI.’

  • YouTube launches Music AI Incubator 🐣

    It’s partnered with Universal Music Group and shared its AI strategy.

  • China blasts AI into space ☄️

    STAR.VISION launched the AI-powered WJ-1A smart-sat into space.


DeepMind’s “Visualising AI” 🧠 👀

Google DeepMind launched Visualising AI. 13 artists created visual interpretations of what AI “looks” like.

Bot, no eat brain? 🤖

Pieces n’ pixels:

1/ DeepMind’s goal is to diversify AI imagery and challenge stereotypical visuals like robots, code, etc.

2/ The art has garnered over 100 million views and 800,000 downloads.

3/ All art is free on Unsplash, Pexels, etc.

Our take: for many, the mention of AI conjures images of killer robots and matrix-like glyphs dancing across computer screens. Blockbusters like the Terminator movies certainly haven’t helped. While the potential for harm is there, so is the potential for human benefit — and the more we focus on the positive, the more we’ll see how to apply AI for good. Well done, Google.


Embedded AI

Embedded AI refers to the integration of artificial intelligence capabilities into everyday devices or systems. We already have experience interacting with it in its basic form — think smartphones, smart cameras, and home appliances.

The difference now: we’re about to see a big intelligence boost in our everyday things without the need for a constant internet connection.


Magically create video documentation with AI.

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YouTube’s Music AI Incubator 🐣

YouTube announced its Music AI Incubatora collaboration with artists, songwriters, and producers to guide its AI music strategy.

To start the program off: an official partnership with Universal Music Group.

AI eggs and bacon:

1/ In 2023, videos for AI tools got over 1.7 billion YouTube views.

2/ YouTube announced its strategy to address AI’s impact on the music industry and partnered with UMC to create an AI framework.

3/ The program promotes protections and opportunities for music partners who use AI to create music.

4/ It plans to invest in AI for community safety to detect content issues.

Our take: The AI-generated music debate rages on. Music, music videos, and live performances have always been a huge part of YouTube’s platform. Smart move not to fight the trend and, instead, lean in.


China’s new AI-powered satellite ☄️

A Chinese satellite company, STAR.VISION, has successfully launched WonderJourney-1A into space. It’s an AI-powered satellite with real-time observation and data processing capabilities.

Blast off:

1/ The WJ-1A launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre located in Inner Mongolia.

2/ The String Edge AI Platform allows the satellite to process the data it gathers onboard, in real time — eliminating the need for data processing down on the ground.

3/ The name, “WonderJourney,” is inspired by Zhuangzi, the ancient philosopher who first defined the concept of the “universe.”

4/ STAR.VISION plans to use the tech to monitor the climate and support emergency relief efforts.

Our take: monitor the climate or monitor the rest of the world? With satellites, it’s potato, potahto. And companies in the private sector neeever install backdoors for the Feds. But hey, climate monitoring good.

Politick aside: there’s a notable increase in embedded AI — like the example of this satellite. Chip companies like Kneron are already tailoring their AI chips specifically for these types of applications.



Think Pieces

The toll AI takes on humans. A glimpse into the darker side of AI.

A popular paper on ChatGPT’s political biases may have been misleading. The research conducted was on an old model and the prompts have been described as, “poor.”

Startup News

Viome, an AI microbiome startup, raises $86.5 million and partners with CVS. Viome studies customers’ microbiomes and uses AI to give them the best supplements/health advice based on the data.


Jurassic Park Remake — the paper introduces Revive-2I for zero-shot image-to-image that converts fossil images into living animals with text prompts.

A new method to expand transformer size without losing training progress. Size matters, and this lets you incrementally bump it out without needing to start all over again.

Enhance Automatic Speech Recognition (ARR) tasks with text injection. Joint End-to-End Internal Language Model Training (JEIT), trains ASR models for capitalization and turn-taking prediction tasks.


Eightify [Sponsored] — the app that saves you big time on long YouTube videos. AI tailored, quick and comprehensive summaries served up in a matter of seconds.

AE Studio [Sponsored] — experience unrivaled business growth with AE's world-class team! Efficient MVPs, innovative Enterprise Initiatives for your digital revolution, and ROI-driven AI/ML solutions.

OpenArt [Sponsored] — create stunning AI images without writing any prompts.

GodMode — an AI chat browser with access to ChatGPT, Bing, Bard, Claude, YouChat, Poe, Perplexity, Phind, Vicuna, and Alpaca.


Jim Fan, NVIDIA researcher, shares a paper. The claim: no existing AI is conscious yet, but future construction is possible.

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