Yuge Zoom AI update

PLUS: Google's luxury beauty AI


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • AI bartenders in Las Vegas 🥃🥂

    Tipsy Robot, a semi-automated bar, opened its second location.

  • ‘Yuge Zoom AI update 🦾 🤖🥃🥂

    Zoom IQ becomes Zoom AI Companion, a more powerful AI assistant.

  • Google’s luxury beauty AI 💁‍♀️

    Estée Lauder announced a partnership with Google to leverage AI for beauty brands.


Las Vegas AI bartenders 🥃 🥂

Tipsy Robot opened its second location. It’s a bar that uses two AI-powered robots to serve drinks.

Don’t cut me off, bot.

It’s located inside Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip.

Keep the change:

1/ Sabrina Bergman, an employee, says she’s not worried about robots replacing her.

2/ She helps them tend the bar, corrects their mistakes, tops off drinks, etc.

3/ She and other service workers claim machines don’t have the same touch and don’t provide the same experience.

4/ They argue that machines oftentimes add more work.

Our take: The Tipsy Robot’s opening inevitably brought up the “human vs. robots” debate. The first one opened up back in 2018, and it did the same back then.


Zoom IQ

AI-powered feature in the Zoom platform that automatically generates a summary of meetings. When activated by the host, participants receive a recap after the meeting concludes.


Turn any article into a podcast using AI.

Why read, when you can recast?

This AI-powered app turns any article into a concise audio conversation.

  • Save time "reading" news.

    Get the same info in less time than it would take to read.

  • Lower your screen time.

    Stay up to date while doing the dishes, commuting, or exercising.

  • Understand more deeply.

    Recast’s hosts don’t just summarise, they explain an article to you conversationally.

  • Get through your reading list

    Do you have 20 tabs open right now? Finally finish your to-read list by turning every article into a podcast.

Recast is available as an iOS app, a feature-packed web app, and a Chrome extension for submitting articles and has a generous free tier.


Zoom AI Companion is here 🦾 🤖

Zoom unveiled Zoom AI Companion. It’s a digital assistant for paid Zoom users.

Dangle that carrot.

It was formerly known as Zoom IQ.

Nuts n’ bolts:

1/ Zoom AI Companion integrates into Zoom products like Meetings, Chat, Phone, Email, Whiteboard, etc.

2/ It summarizes meetings, drafts messages, etc.

3/ It uses a “federated approach” to incorporate its own LLM with those from Meta Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic.

4/ AI Companion’s features are disabled by default. Users decide to use them or not.

Our take: In March, Zoom faced criticism for changes to its policy stating its intent to use customer data (audio, video, etc.) to train its AI. In this release, it claimed it won’t use customer data to train its AI models.

Flippy floppy.


Google’s luxury beauty AI 💁‍♀️

Estée Lauder announced a partnership with Google. The goal is to create generative AI across its luxury brands.

Classy, bougie, ratchet.

1/ The collab aims to use Generative AI to create responsive, personalized customer interactions for beauty brands like Estée Lauder, Clinique, Tom Ford, etc.

2/ They plan to analyze consumer sentiments in real-time with AI across social media and other touchpoints.

3/ ELC already has experience with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, BigQuery, Looker, etc.

Our take: This partnership makes a lot of sense. One of beauty brands’ biggest problems with online shopping is personalization. If customers can visualize how they’ll look in something, they’re more likely to buy it.



Think Pieces

Deadly AI-written books about mushroom foraging? Experts warn about mushroom foraging books on Amazon written by AI that contain deadly advice.

UK’s AI Safety Summit Objectives — It will take place on November 1st and 2nd.

Runway’s CEO talks about the future of AI. He talks about the role generative AI will play in video, storytelling, etc.

Startup News

NVIDIA CEO meets with the Indian Prime Minister. They discussed India’s potential to the world of AI.

Mustafa Suleyman says the US should set global AI standards. Google DeepMind’s co-founder proposes that anyone who buys AI chips should agree to the US’s voluntary AI agreement.

Microsoft patents a design for an AI backpack. It contains cameras, microphones, and hands-free AI assistance.


CityDreamer — a compositional generative model for unbounded 3D cities that generates buildings separately from other objects.

Refract Code LLM — a coding LLM that scores closer to HumanEval than Starcoder while being 10x smaller.

Belebele — Meta’s benchmark that enables multilingual comparison of model performance.


MyGPTBrain — implement your data into a chatbot and interact with it.

Singify — easily make music covers with over 100 AI models.

Rephrase.ai — create videos with a digital Ai-powered avatar.

Elto — an AI-powered call center for all types of businesses.


Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, brags about his award from Goldman Sachs.

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