$200B AI Market Cap increase for NVIDIA

PLUS: TikTok's new chatbot

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  • Blastoff for NVIDIA 📈 

    The GPU manufacturer is up 32% in the last week, sending its market cap past the $1 trillion dollar mark with a $200B jump.

  • Andreessen Horowitz is all in on AI 💰️
    A look at the biggest fish in a16z’s investment portfolio.

  • TikTok’s new chatbot 🎼 

    Tako is serving tailored videos & ads to TikTok users.


NVIDIA’s AI Stock Soars $200B 📈 

Following their earnings call last week, NVIDIA’s stock jumped 28% in just two hours, increasing the market cap of the AI company by over $200B. NVIDIA beat quarterly profit forecasts by 26%.

NVIDIA’s market cap jumped $183B in a single day

Even before the big move, NVIDIA stock had risen more than 50% over the last six months. But in the last few days, it rose to a peak of $412, making NVIDIA a $1T company. It’s contracted slightly back to the $400 mark, but hey — close enough.

The rocket boosters are all thanks to the AI boom.

But why exactly is that the case? It all has to do with how GPUs work

CPUs (central processing units) do the heavy lifting in our phones and computers. They’re a generalized processor that excels at a wide variety of tasks, and they focus on one task at a time.

GPUs (graphics processing units), on the other hand, aren’t as sophisticated as CPUs. They’re limited to simpler operations, but they can do a LOT more of them — and in parallel. It’s the type of processing needed to constantly update every pixel of our screens.

This parallelized processing is perfect for ML & AI. It turns out that the most efficient way to create AI models is to use GPUs to crunch through massive amounts of training data.

So more AI training means more GPUs.

And who manufactures and sells the most GPUs?

You guessed it. It’s a gold rush, and NVIDIA’s the biggest shovel maker in town. This won’t be the last $200B AI-Company market-cap jump.

And now, NVIDIA is in the top 5 biggest companies in the US.

So, uh… are we at the beginning of an AI bubble? 🤖


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Tensor Cores

Tensor Cores are a hardware architecture baked into NVIDIA’s latest GPUs. These cores were designed specifically for HPC (high performance computing) and deep learning.

Simply put, they split up higher precision calculations into smaller and faster calculations. The end result is an efficiency boost with the same high precision output at the end.


a16z’s Biggest AI Bets 🏇 

VCs have been cutting scale-breaking checks for AI startups — there’s been more than $20B poured into AI investments so far this year.

Let’s take a look at the horses in Andreessen Horowitz’s stable.

Total funding: $225M
Valuation: $2.3B
What they do: AI fighter-jet pilots.

Shield AI developed a state-of-the-art AI pilot. In DARPA trials Shield’s AI pilot consistently beat human pilots in dogfights.

Recent round: $100M Series B
Valuation: $750M
What they do: Vector database platform.

Pinecone is a vector database platform, specifically designed for storing vector embeddings — basically, they make it easy to store data for AI. High-dimensional vector data is crucial in deep-learning and AI applications like LLMs.

Recent round: $30M seed round
Total funding: $80.5M
What they do: AI for healthcare

The rise of telehealth has placed stress on legacy infrastructure, which can’t keep up with patient calls and messages. On top of that, physician burnout is at an all-time high of 63%. Memora Health seeks to improve healthcare delivery for patients by leveraging AI while taking the load off medical workers.

Recent funding: $150M Series A
Valuation: $1B
What they do: AI-generated personalities

Character AI offers a wide selection of real and fictional personalities as chatbots. The tech takes existing LLMs and applies filters to achieve these personalized characters. While it’s still pre-revenue, the startup claims nearly 100 million visits in the last few months.

Recent funding: $50M seed
What they do: Healthcare chatbot

Hippocratic AI has created an LLM tailored specifically for healthcare. It has passed more than 100 healthcare certifications and outperforms GPT-4 on many healthcare-specific benchmarks. The team is also tackling bedside manner to improve patient well-being.


TikTok’s New Chatbot 🌮 

Tako is an AI chatbot that’s looking to change the way you binge short-form content.

Tell it what you’re in the mood for, and Tako will serve up the video that best matches your query. You’ll be able to chat with the bot directly within the TikTok app at any time (exactly like Snap’s MyAI).

Tako, TikTok’s in-app chatbot

But remember, TikTok already tracks every second you spend on the app. If you’re an avid user, they’ve already got an accurate picture of your age, attention span, interests, and friend groups — this is yet another way for them to gather more data.

TikTok plans to use the chat data to send you super-targeted content, products, and services. For now, it’s limited to tests in the Philippines.

Why this matters: TikTok has assembled a killer AI team. It built a recommendation engine so good it still pulls in a billion users to the app every month. TikTok is doubling down on AI, now with a parasocial relationship built-in.

Our prediction 🔮: Chat interfaces will become the new norm across social media platforms and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more regulation around them. For example, opt-in as a requirement for getting access to potentially addictive AI features.



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