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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • OpenAI goes to Ireland 🤖 🇮🇪

    It opened an office in Dublin, its second European expansion.

  • Amazon’s new AI seller tools 🤑 💵

    Its new AI helps you create product titles, descriptions, and more.

  • Anthropic and BCG team up 👫 ❤️

    This gives BCG’s clients access to Claude, Anthropic’s AI assistant.


OpenAI expands to Ireland 🤖 🇮🇪

OpenAI opens a new office in Dublin, Ireland. It aims to work with the Irish government, industries, startups, and academic institutions.

ChatGPT, where’s Nessie?

Bonnie banks and braes:

1/ OpenAI’s Dublin team will concentrate on operations, trust and safety, go-to-market strategies, security engineering, and legal tasks.

2/ They are collaborating Patch, a startup accelerator for young Irish entrepreneurs, to provide AI education and mentorship to Irish students.

3/ Sam Altman claims Ireland blends a talented workforce with support for innovation and responsible business growth.

Our take: OpenAI’s first European office launched in London earlier this summer.

Is this Ireland expansion really about its workforce as Sam Altman claims, a play to get in good with the EU regulators, or simply part of a corporate tax scheme? Time will tell.


AI-Generated Content

Any piece of information, media, or material — such as text, images, videos, or music — that’s produced or created by artificial intelligence systems rather than by humans.

This content is often based on patterns learned from large datasets, enabling the AI to mimic or replicate certain human-like creative processes.


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Amazon’s AI seller tools 🤑 💵

Amazon introduced new AI tools for third-party sellers. They use AI to create product titles, descriptions, catalog content, and more.

More AI is always better.

These were unveiled at Amazon’s Accelerate 2023 seller conference.

Nice, Bezos:

1/ You provide a brief product summary, and Amazon’s AI delivers optimized titles and listings.

2/ You can publish the AI-generated content with or without modifications.

3/ Amazon Vice President, Robert Tekiela, sees this as a way to provide richer product knowledge at scale.

Our take: On September 7, eBay released its “Magical” AI tool with similar features for sellers. Coincidence? Probably not.


Anthropic and BCG’s partnership 👫 ❤️

Anthropic and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) teamed up. The goal — give BCG clients direct access to Anthropic’s AI assistant, Claude.

Love is in the air.


1/ BCG plans to use Claude for strategic AI offerings and advising on responsible AI adoption.

2/ Potential use cases are knowledge management, business analysis, and process automation.

3/ Both companies hosted a UN workshop on the opportunities and risks of AI.

Our take: Major consulting firms are on an AI spending spree, and the AI partnerships are in full swing. Salesforce and Databricks announced a partnership on September 11.



Think Pieces

ChatDev, a collection of AI agents, ran a tech company. They developed software in under seven minutes.

Finnish prisoners train AI. A look at LLM trainers called “click workers.”

An a16z article on AI. An in-depth look at how exactly people use it.

Startup News

Disney put AI robots in SoFi Stadium seats. They placed them during the Chargers game to promote its upcoming film, “The Creator.”

Series AI, an AI game development company, launches. It does it with $7.9 million in seed money.

Alibaba opened its AI model to the public. Tongyi Qianwen is its foundational AI model.


MESA-Optimization — a paper suggesting how Transformers’ superior performance in deep learning might be due to architectural biases.

The DELTA Project — an approach to creating and animating photorealistic human avatars.

PLMs on Ontological Knowledge — Do pretrained LLMs understand information or just possess surface-level rote memorization?


Luxa — get AI-powered factual insights from customer calls.

Instagraph — AI tool that converts text or URL into displays, knowledge graphs, and more.

Magentic — automatically integrate LLMs as Python functions.

Melon — a learning and upskilling AI chatbot.


Some quotes and an adorable pic of Elon from September 13’s AI Insight Forum.

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