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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • Anthropic’s new Pro AI 🤖 🔥

    Anthropic launches Claude Pro for $20/month.

  • Open AI DevDay 🤓 🖥️

    Open AI announced its first-ever developer conference.

  • eBay’s new “magical” AI listing tool 🦄 ✨

    It’s an AI tool that generates listing info from a photo.


Claude Pro is here 🤖 🔥

Anthropic announced Claude Pro yesterday. It’s a premium subscription plan for Claude 2.

Moar cash. Now.

It costs $20/month.

Term sheet:

1/ Anthropic’s Claude Pro offers 5 times more usage than the free tier.

2/ It allows more messages and gives priority access to users during high-traffic times.

3/ Pro users gain early access to new features.

Our take: Anthropic was founded by OpenAI employees. $20/month is what OpenAI charges ChatGPT Plus users and the features are pretty similar.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.



In July, Open AI filed for an application for trademark of “GPT-5“ with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent was filed on July 18 and is still “awaiting examination.“

It also includes artificial speech, conversion of audio data into text, voice and speech recognition, etc.


Master ChatGPT for free.

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Who is this workshop for?

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This workshop offers cutting-edge insights on AI, and practical techniques to make the best use of ChatGPT and will help you stand out from the crowd.


Open AI’s developer conference 🤓 🖥️

Open AI announced DevDay. It’s its first-ever developer conference.


It’s scheduled for November 6 in San Francisco.

Nerd out:

1/ DevDay is a one-day event that features keynote addresses and breakout sessions by OpenAI’s technical staff.

2/ It will preview upcoming tools from Open AI.

3/ It’s primarily in-person, but the keynote and other segments will be available to stream online.

4/ The attendance is limited to “hundreds” of developers.

Our take: DevDay’s exact purpose is intentionally vague, but it’s a solid marketing opportunity. Will it reveal details about Open AI’s acquisition of Global Illumination? Time will tell.

GPT-5, anyone?


eBay’s “magical” AI 🦄 ✨

eBay announced a new AI tool for sellers. It generates a product listing from a photo.

Isn’t this magical?

The chat thread:

1/ eBay’s “magical” listing tool auto-writes titles and descriptions based on a photo.

2/ It also automatically suggests categories, subcategories, prices, and shipping costs.

3/ eBay uses generated listing data to further train its AI model.

4/ It’s available now on eBay’s iOS app, the Android version is coming soon.

Our take: Amazon’s aggressively implemented AI into its platforms. This is a smart move on eBay’s part to integrate AI to make the seller’s experience easier. Will it be effective? That’s another story.




ChapaGPT [Sponsored] — A Chrome extension AI sidekick while you browse the internet.

Deepen — an AI-powered therapist/counselor.

Clevis — create AI apps without any coding knowledge and sell them.

The Wibble — use AI to generate satirical news articles.

Jupitrr — an AI-powered video creation tool that automatically generates B-rolls into content creator’s videos.

Think Pieces

How will AI affect SaaS in the future? Successful modern use cases and predictions of what’s to come.

Congress’ AI framework. How Congress will handle AI’s role in the economy, education system, etc.

A Time article on Elon Musk. How Elon fights to minimize AI’s potential for future danger.

Startup News

Air Street Capital unveils its $121 million AI fund II. The goal is to invest in AI startups.

Perplexity acquired Spellwise. It’s an AI-powered iOS keyboard writer.

Hubspot launches Hubspot AI. It was announced at its INBOUND 2023 event. Hubspot AI is an AI portfolio for sales, marketing, and service teams.


SLiMe — a method to segment images using LLMs based on a single example which improves with more samples.

Evaluating abstractive summarization in four metrics — Reference-based, context-based, preference-based, and sampling-based.

Falcon 180b launched. It’s an LLM trained on 3.5 trillion tokens with 180 billion parameters


CEO of Open AI, Sam Altman, says there not be any information about GPT-5 at DevDay. We’ll see.

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