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PLUS: AI drone smokes world-champions


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Here’s what’s on the menu today:

  • DOD’s AI-powered security upgrade 🏛️ 🇺🇸

    The Department of Defense plans to upgrade D.C.’s airspace protection with AI from Teleidoscope.

  • Bumble’s new AI 🤖 ❤️ 🐝

    It updated its terms and more to combat “abusive conduct” with AI.

  • AI drone beats world-champion in FPV racing 🦾 🤖

    Swift, developed by Intel and the University of Zurich, beat the world champion FPV drone racer by half a second.


Department of Defense’s new AI 🏛️ 🇺🇸

The DOD plans to upgrade D.C.’s airspace protection with AI. The new system is an AI-powered surveillance, identification, and tracking system.


It’s 10 times more effective than the current 9/11-era system.

Stars and stripes:

1/ Teleidoscope, an independent startup, was given a $100 million contract after its 18-month prototype demonstration.

2/ Its system uses AI and augmented reality in surveillance cameras to identify flying objects in the airspace.

3/ Its Laser Visual Warning System helps identify aircraft and aim warning lasers to contact pilots when radio attempts fail.

“We are able to rapidly identify operational needs and materialize them into usable national defense solutions. This saves time and money, but more importantly, the decision advantage gained by technologies like this will save lives.“

Heidi Shyu, Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering.

Our take: AI has been a part of many militaries for years, and it’s going to be integrated more and more. In August, the Department of Defense created a branch specifically dedicated to generative AI.


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Bumble’s new AI 🤖 ❤️ 🐝

Bumble uses AI in its new policy. It updated its community guidelines to combat bots, spam, ghosting, doxing, etc., with AI.

Bot rejects Bot.

Its AI blocked over 8.2 million spam accounts this year.

He said she said:

1/ Bumble now counts “no-shows” on dates as “bullying and abusive conduct.”


2/ It bans automation and scripting that manipulates user interactions.

3/ It prohibits attempts to buy, sell, or promote sexual content.

4/ It includes doxing and victim-blaming as rule-breaking offenses.

Last year, it open-sourced its AI that detects unsolicited nudes.

Our take: dating apps are all based on algorithms that determine who is attractive, who has common interests, which photos look the best, etc.

Dating gets messy sometimes, so it’s interesting to see Bumble addressing this with AI. Whether or not “ghosting” constitutes abuse is subjective, but according to Bumble, now it is.


AI drone beats human champions 🦾 🤖

The University of Zurich and Intel developed Swift. It’s an AI system that beat human champions in first-person view (FPV) drone racing.

Do you think this is a game?

They claim it could be the first time AI outperformed humans in a physical sport.

FPV drone racing — involves navigating high-speed drones through obstacles using a headset that displays live video from the drone’s camera.

Ready, set, go:

1/ Swift was trained using reinforcement learning in a simulated environment, where it taught itself through trial and error.

2/ It uses real-time data from an onboard camera and an integrated inertial measurement unit to localize the drone and find race gates.

3/ It’s equipped with a control unit based on a deep neural network that chooses the best course of action to complete the circuit as efficiently as possible.

4/ It won multiple times and recorded the fastest-ever recorded lap, beating the best human pilot by half a second.

Our take: this is impressive, but it still falls short in some areas. It struggled when it experienced changes from its original training conditions, such as lighting, etc.

Still, Swift and similar tech could potentially have real-world applications like search-and-rescue, the film industry, space exploration, forest monitoring, etc.




Eightify [Sponsored] — Summarize long videos and save time with AI. Eightify generates high-quality summaries for videos in seconds. Works on videos up to 32 hours long.

Shooketh — An AI chatbot fine-tuned on Shakespeare’s literature.

Vispunk AI-powered image generator with drag-and-drop functionality.

Keplar — Use AI agents modeled after your target customers to create customer-aligned ad creative.

Think Pieces

A robot tax? MIT economists propose a robot tax to counter the jobs lost from AI/tech development.

AI vs the opioid epidemic — researchers, medical professionals, and patients will have to keep AI honest, but it has the potential to minimize the world’s opioid epidemic.

How OpenAI is tackling its super alignment problem. An in-depth interview with OpenAI’s Jan Leike.

Startup News

Speak raised $16 million in series B-2 funding. It’s an OpenAI funded language learning app.

Martian Lawyers Club gets $2.2 million in funding. It’s an AI-powered video game personalization startup.

Elon Musk’s X updates its privacy policy. It will use public data to train its own AI model.


Yarn-Llama-2-13b-128k — it’s in the name. It’s Llama 2 utilizing yarn scaling with a 128k context length.

DeepMind’s BioCoder — a benchmark for bioinformatics cod generation that helps users evaluate existing pre-trained models.

MIT spearheads a project to improve fusion data. The Department of Energy funded this project to make fusion data more accessible.


Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub, makes a hilarious joke (if you’re nerdy). “RLHF” stands for “Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback.”, a technique used to train ChatGPT.

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